Testing in 15 minutes! Just basic connectivity stuff, but vital as I can't test locally.

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Painting a Selfie Girl, with Maths : youtube.com/watch?v=8--5LwHRhj

Probably the best shadertoy I've ever seen, with a 30 minute explanation video.

I love how a lot of the major improvements after this build were made by subtracting, rather than adding. Ghosts on this level were just a bad idea. So they removed them.

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I love how the first dropship in Halo was meant to actually intercept the player rather than always landing near the lifepod. Which just felt weird to me as I'd bypass them every time. Great way to show how dropships are superior to older monster closets. Don't know why they cut it, or at least used the concept somewhere else later in the game.

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Okay, importing the converted player mesh crashes UE4, the unconverted source FBX gives an error on import too, and importing that source FBX into Cinema 4D works, but rotations are all messed up.

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Collision, scale, lightmapping (with Ministry of Flat uvs) done.

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Should I just say fuck it and port Waiting for Horus to UE4?

Steam integration: Basically Automatic.
Master Servers: Hosted by Valve.
NAT Traversal: 100% punchthrough thanks to Valve.

Plus it would just be a matter of stitching together code I already have.

Finally done with the damn TIE Fighter model. Uploading to Artstation with turntable and 3d viewer.

"I did not fall from grace
I leapt to freedom
From the black iron prison
From deprivation to revelation"

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