This wouldn't be a huge project to set up I don't think, but would require someone knowledgeable with Unity networking and with a recent pro license or whatever they are using now. I have the latest source, and I'd be more than happy to run someone though the codebase!

I just realized that as the game passed through Greenlight we have access to the Steam server system, in addition to their new 100% success rate NAT punchthrough system which would allow anyone to host and anyone to join, meaning the game could keep itself up indefinitely.

Been going through Waiting for Horus videos, and remembering just how damn fun it was. The only reason the game isn't playable right now is that it always required someone to manually host a master server somewhere. When it dies so does the game, but...

(Waiting for Horus:

Would anyone be willing to host the tutorial world for Inquisitor? I don't have any hosting besides Squarespace right now.

Pushed the version of Inquisitor I used for the commercial version of TBiM to Github:


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