I have dubious feelings about art contests but damn, these works are excellent as usual: youtube.com/watch?v=rhpZhZV3XT

I got mentioned on the Marathon Story page, I can die happy now.

Astrophysics people: how likely is it that dark matter is just rogue planets? They seem extremely hard to detect and I just heard a theory that the early solar system had literally hundreds of planets, many of which were likely ejected?

They manage to beat a big chunk of Star Craft 2 blindfolded, but boy it sounds like it was an existential nightmare: youtube.com/watch?v=0NHH4J1v4q

So someone went and made a 10+ hour series of playthrough/analysis videos of To Burn in Memory? Am I brave enough to watch it all?

This idea is kind of mindbending: that the solution to the fermi paradox is that if multiverse travel is possible, why leave the solar system when you have infinite Earths with exactly the conditions you want? You'd never encounter any aliens since any advanced alien civilization would just sidestep into a better universe, never having left their planet : youtube.com/watch?v=RaHBZrPU9x

It's not the most heavy effect, but it's a bit much for something in the background. Probably going to add a system to bake it to a set of textures.

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Raymarching in UE4, finally cracked it! Just need to figure out the best way to get it to distort the background and we're set.

Energy weapons, railguns and all that might be fancy and all, but are they worth it when nukes are relatively cheap and low tech in comparison? Any reason a space battle wouldn't consist of a bunch of nukes being slung at eachother?

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"General Castillo is gone.
She made a real flash narrative. She was clever. She got a lot farther than any of us had any right to.
But Q smelled her. Q slew her proxies. Q localized her.
Q funneled her paths to one.


It hurts. She was the last of "the bred." Our best hope.
The ultimate soldiers fighting the final war.
She and the other children were supposed to be the answer to Q.
But there was no answer to Q.
There never will be."

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"I walk in her room, and her bloody pieces are lying all over the floor. The strange flute music slowly coalesces into a melody, and the pieces rise and float like flies. The music charms them into formation, and they come together to make Mother. The eyes are missing, still fleshy cavities. They come in from the hallway, floating over my head, settling into her face with a squishing sound, streams of blood falling like tears. The sideways pupils fix on me."

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