It's a Monday morning, so have a couple of manifestos (manifestoes? manifesti?) that meet my mood:

The Code It Yourself Manifesto by Christian Kellerman (h/t @crc):

The Handmade Manifesto by Andrew Chronister (h/t @owl):

Julia and in particular working with Pluto has been reawakening some maths interest in me. It is certainly not an ideal tool for doing math and art, but I've been enjoying exploring different colorspaces and rendering the mandelbrot at the same time:

It is weird to realize that a good part of what people really need is other people to cheer them on.

But this is often exactly what people need, even the mighty.

If you are not a brutal critic to yourself, then you have achieved an unhealthy level of surety.

When you know someone that needs that boost... give it to them.

Be mighty for them.

Be kind.

new JAMuary :))
Finally took the time to refine my small ANSI C audio library, what a blast!
Thanks @paul and @s_ol , your help has been invaluable <3
I thanked you and put links to your websites in the video description, let me know if that's ok, I can change/remove it if you want

hi! I'm Nico, or jan Niko, and I'm a toki-pona-speaking vegan queer anarchist or something who makes mostly bad programs and even worse music. I might end up moving my main account over here, but for now I'll probably be using this account to post updates on my more interesting art/tech projects. Current project: a client for the kobo ebook reader!

@theruran Kind of interesting how school didn't actually teach me anything on the terms of time management, constant effort and self care. This is where I feel that people with money can get taught how to do these things by saving time through money or someone actively coaching them in stuff (e.g. painting or music) so constant effort is there with extra accountability to another person and not yourself. Oops sorry for the rant.







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