hello, I am ruderubik/sybil :).

I don't really like to program generally, but I love figuring out how existing abstract machines behave. virtual machines/compilers flick a switch in my brain.

outside of computing my main interests are hiking and dancing. i also play a lot of dungeon crawl. wolves interest me

i would simply plant the seed and let worlds within worlds grow forever

John Harris' #scifi #art is pretty amazing

This piece was part of a collection in his book called "The Art of John Harris: Beyond the Horizon"

it's probably a good codebase to learn from for any stack-based virtual machine, btw.

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I am reading this implementation of a interpreter in C.

it's all pretty clearly documented here and in the Doxygen doc-comments. very carefully thought thru.

doc/INTERNALS: github.com/luser-dr00g/xpost/b
doc/NEWINTERNALS: github.com/luser-dr00g/xpost/b

Seeing that old video of a C library running on Genera was damn inspiring. Wanna make a Scheme OS...

The dependencies between the code modules. Not super cool, but kinda cool.

@theruran this is gorgeous.

i'm imagining a better world were there are a number of solid, competent, competing operating systems people can select based on their preferred computing philosophy (this, plan 9, some forth, a real time thing, whatever...)

it's worth noting that the presenter demonstrates the power of this system by displaying a picture of a cat 🐱

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in 1997, Professor Brian Harvey of UC Berkeley published a three-volume set of books that approached teaching computer science via the #Logo #programming language.

That three-volume set is out of print and costs almost a hundred bucks if you can find a paperback copy.

Professor Harvey, however, has supplied copies of all three volumes on his website for personal use, which has been lovingly archived by the Internet Archive.

Volume 1 starts here: web.archive.org/web/2013070705

I'm starting to get quite fond of the idea of physical tools for doing things and practical hardware for most sorts of tasks

Imagine if a carpenter decided chairs needed to bend in weird angles, almost to the point of causing an injury, because the tools at hand only allow making such a shape

That's the current state of a lot of soft/hardware

So instead of a microcontroller and dozens of lines of code to turn on a light when a door opens, a reed switch, a mosfet, a diode and a relay will do

don't trust data to be always available.

scrape it. now.

Life is giving you lemons?
stash that shit in your return stack

something i want to think about is Forth aligned languages. are these Forths too? why, or why not? calling all forthites, postscripters, colorforthers, et al to the table. what is forth to you? is your other thing forth, too? i have my own opinions on this so i'll post em too

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