Colleges are such a scam. It's super gross when schools withhold information on their programs and then require you to provide a phone number or email to even see what the class list or tuition (!) is. Then the daily (!) emails they send are so tacky, especially now in the time of COVID. Language about education being an "investment." Emails looking to convince you that online classes are worth 30,000 dollars.

Folks have a very narrow view of the term “currency”. Things have value because enough people decide they do. Depending on the thing, this may be as few as one person, but that’s more than zero who will accept that as currency

Not everything needs to have an assigned value on state-controlled terms, but almost anything, tangible or not, can be currency to someone

“Can you build a democratic, equitable and open society with closed and proprietary tools? Have you been in a well functioning public space owned by a corporation? Have you experienced a functioning commons cordoned with surveillance cameras and sensors?”

maybe I'll make a front-end framework called burnout.js

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i hope the airlines never recover and the world switches back to trains and ships for long-distance travel


"If microchips have never been invented, that's exactly what a digital watch would look today."

"The Clock", free-form electronics digital clock made by Gislain Benoit.


So my town is doing a potato giveaway. Basically, some of the potatoes that farmers are throwing away, the town has seized and is giving out for free. There's a line (literally) a mile long. America doesn't have breadlines. We have potato lines.

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