So far my favourite thing about emacs is that the “GNU and Freedom” help entry is followed immediately by the all caps notice disclaiming any warranty or responsibility for the software at all.

@Aleums people are so overworked and stretched thin that you either make your art into a full time career or barely have time to do it. i wish people had time to just do amateur art.

Finally finished the physics for our little frog game.

Wrote a log on how we handle the frog getting squished by a falling game piece and the many ways we try to save the frog.

After learning 6502 assembly, I just can’t do x86 assembly

@akkartik @chirrolafupa @cancel @neauoire it wasn't until the 18th and 19th century that you started to get competently printed Arabic text, mostly in Cairo and Beirut. they did this by carving many many variations for each letter to accommodate the different ways it might bend and shape itself in a word, in addition to carving whole words into blocks. the result is that you have hundreds upon hundreds of blocks, as opposed to a single block for each letter.

- Click "Download PDF"
- IEEE: Pay $30 first!
- Open the paper via Sci-Hub
- "This paper is U.S. Government work, not protected by U.S. copyright."

#TIL Fun fact: some papers on Sci-Hub is 100% legal.

My SFF case prototype v0.1
Not everything worked the way I thought it would. Need lots of tweaks, currently unusable.


I should do advent of code 2021 in f*

Started working on a playground type of site. I haven't got the assembler working in the web yet but most of the demo roms run!

instead of continuing the esp32 port of #uxn, i have procrastinated a little bit with microui.
the code is here : (but i had to modify a little bit uxn.c to do step by step, and i don't know how to make the submodule's commit available in my repo)

your design is only as good as your specification and your documentation.

"Without a politics that explicitly seeks to serve the public while challenging corporate power, decentralization isn’t an actual strategy to decommodify our online interactions and reorient our networks toward alternative purposes."

"Appeals to decentralization too often fail to contend with the power structures that can take hold of supposedly liberatory projects."

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