here's what that mockup looks like.

the exocortex system I am designing will take control of your windows from the WM to manage user's Activities, and if continued to be developed, could become a totally different WM/DE on its own.

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one goal of my homebrew 3D graphics / computational geometry library would be to generate Dymaxion projections of the Earth and the vast human-made systems at will.

alright! here's my take on it.

(just made a function to randomly delete some vectors from the cube)

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made a dimetric projection with racket/draw

the angle between the z-axis and x- and y-axes is 116.57° or 2.03453030904979 radians

according to this chart, anyway

this simple art inspired me to try and make like this using the /draw library.

and that, along with the web book of Euclid's Elements inspired me to use programming tools to study Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics.

check back later though since I am very slow 🙃

heckin' around with Sawfish WM. there's so many possibilities to configure it!

I just run sawfish --replace while in XFCE.

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