>Cryptoleq: an abstract machine based on the concept of [OISC], capable of performing general-purpose computation on encrypted programs. The program operands are protected using the Paillier partially homomorphic cryptosystem, which supports addition on the encrypted domain. Full homomorphism over addition and multiplication, [...] is achieved by inventing a heuristically obfuscated software re-encryption module written using Cryptoleq instructions[.]


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between SUBLEQ and CRYPTOLEQ we have a similar OISC approach to computing on both trusted and untrusted hardware! possibly even with good performance on an FPGA!

i'm not sure exactly how complex FPGA silicon is, but i would imagine that an OISC computer would be a fairly simple machine at the component level.

the next question is, how does this extremely simple instruction set compare to something like GreenArrays? greenarraychips.com/home/docum

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> writes a single line of HTML

Yeah, I want to automate this

Looking forward to finally spending some time with the PinePhone.

Ondřej Jirman‘s p-boot video on this page ( xnux.eu/p-boot/ ) captures my imagination in the way that it goes straight from an instant boot menu into a map application, instead of loading a bunch of slow OS layers.

It’s a bit perverse for a phone because you couldn’t receive incoming calls/messages, but there’s something about combining modern hardware with the 80s model of booting right into a single app. 【视】

Oooh when when when will I finally make my own wiki🎶

I've seen these portables from Polycom, but haven't been able to find much detail on them. Don't know if they were in widespread use, but super-local or just rare overall. Apparently, they had Cherry ML keys according to this Reddit thread from a couple of years back reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboar

Here's a gallery of closeups of the PT-200


I've been trying to model some ideas around a portable general purpose computer that's essentially a "desktop with ISA slots, but not really". A laptop with a rear arrangement that allows expansion with maybe a removable cover

You may recognize the Grid Compass from the movie Aliens (the Sentry Gun control system). Notice the Compass II 1137 had a wider screen

Back in the 1980s, these originally came with 340K memory and went into space aboard the Space Shuttle Orbiter


so mozilla is a vpn company now?

oh how they have fallen

Mozilla says it is permanently shutting down Firefox Send after some users sent malware and conducted spear phishing attacks using the file-sharing service (Stephen Shankland/CNET) - Stephen Shankland / CNET:Mozilla says it is permanently shutting down Firefox Send after some us... - techmeme.com/200917/p25#a20091

@lilithsaintcrow I never thought of using a spray bottle! pouring water in there sometimes gets the pizza crust soggy :( I also like to rub a stick of butter on the skillet to make the pizza that much more yummy.

Do not worry what your brain will produce.

Plant seeds and see what grows.

@cancel got a pretty cool glitch in ripcord 0.4.26 linux

pls don't fix

Trying out some stuff on my cabin design again. Going back to corners and blocking, this is probably overkill, but considering how strong winds are lately, I'm going to stick with it after all


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