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thinking about writing a fiction book about the Giza Pyramids and the extraterrestrial aliens really do show up but the humans are like, "naa, we're good. ... got any delicious snacks?"

Using numbered variables for the rule further simplifies the code,
and because it's based on relative offsets, the drawing unit can be repeated multiple times.

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@shi physical mesh is a very challenging thing. I have read some news about serval mesh being used in disaster areas in the past. part of the problem is that IP hates it when the spanning tree changes, you you waste a lot of bandwidth just keeping the routing info straight. losing IP means you can't use any existing network software without modifying it or trying to overlay IP on this other thing.

a systematic solution to adhoc mesh would be a full level up for network technology imo

These glitches are beautiful and all, but it is getting a bit excessive...

Throwing USB sticks across the boat to each other's desks is still the fastest way we found to transfer videos between devices.

When all you can think of is a hammer, every analogy comparing software tools to physical tools looks like a hammer analogy.

> Anyone with any programming experience understands that computers are deterministic machines

Uuuuh, theory vs. practice.

"hello? yes, this is dog!"

but dog is in front of a Zoom background of the Giza Pyramids.

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Beautiful solid cast-iron wood stove by ShipMate. Lovely.

Postmarketos on pinebook pro update: not in a great state outside of the sdcard. I don’t know why.

That firmware update really did a number on my microwave.

Someone made an active fork of youtube-dl called youtube-dlc and are going through and fixing old issues

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