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An redux!

Hi! I'm chötrin.

By trade and interest, I'm an embedded software developer. I'm also , , and enjoy and .

More stuff about me is here:

My partner and I recently moved into an older 1960s home here in middle . It's going to be a fun experience to cultivate a garden soon and turn this house into a home!

More than anything, I am here to appreciate the beauty in the world. Thank you for having me. :)

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Back on the intermittent fasting train!

I’m so hungry 😭

Snagged the Quest for Glory series on GOG for less than $3. I didn’t have time to really play it, but the VGA graphics and midi score from the intro to the first game took me STRAIGHT back to installing these games on my 386 by 3.5” floppy drive.

I’m so excited to play through these games!

I don’t have a lot of software out there, but I’m considering switching to the AGPL for licensing future open source works.

Seems to be anathema to Google, at least.

What do y’all use if you’d like your software to be used by individuals & hobbyists?

Every year, I post the albums I've listened to the most. Here's 2022's:

albums this year:
"-!-" by Dead Poet Society
"DawnFM" by The Weeknd
"Hidden Gems" by The Blue Stones
"Mahal Kita" by Hikes
"No Rules Sandy" by Sylvan Esso
"Private Space" by Durand Jones & The Indications
"Wet Leg" by Wet Leg

All but two have links to Bandcamp! I wish more stuff were available there.

I just returned a book to the library that I didn't finish. That seems to happen a lot to me with library books.

I'm not sure if it's because e-books are more convenient, the return deadline, or what, but I don't seem to have trouble getting through e-books & PDFs!

Sometimes when I’ve a few spare moments, I’ll peruse the websites on the XXIIVV webring.

I always find something fascinating, no matter which sites I poke around!

Voting 2: Electric Boogaloo.

This isn’t quite 2020, but the line is still pretty long! Let’s get this civic duty in! 💪

Plumbers wrapped up and fixed our leak! We have hot water again! 🎉🚿

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It was bugging me how long it was taking to fetch the webfonts on my website, so I removed 'em!

It's a lot snappier now! :D

The concrete slab that the copper pipes were running through has rubbed a hole into the water lines from the hot water heater in the former carport.

So... they'll have to reroute new lines outside, into the ground, out of the ground, and into the siding of the carport.

Good news: leak hasn't caused any other major issues. Water is from the rains we've had.

They'll be able to get it done tomorrow, then we'll be back right as rain with hot water! Huzzah! 🎉

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Cutting hot water off at the house unless it’s necessary until a plumber can come out and have a look at the leak in the crawl space.

I went to the gym to get a hot shower, but getting some good exercise was a nice bonus! 💪

I feel pretty dang good. Getting active when I’ve been cooped up for a few days was just what the doctor ordered!

Thanks for the tips, y'all! Putting the input buffer at the end of the .tal file makes that ROM a lot smaller!

This morning, I wrestled with some code and made reading STDIN a standalone routine. It stashes the previous Console vector, overwrites it to save the user input into a given buffer, then restores the original Console vector when it's done.

Pretty proud of that one. 🥰
(Still very much a beginner.)

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Woop, got problem 2 working in ! "Write a program that asks the user for their name and greets them with their name."

I think I'm starting to grok how this stack business works now that I've had to juggle a string pointer to save input characters! Huzzah! 🎉

One thing that I don't understand yet: do you HAVE to actually have your buffers stored in the ROM? Is there a way to have input_ptr pointing to some arbitrary location in the 64KB of RAM?

The joys of home ownership have set in already. Have a hot water leak in the crawl space that has been going enough to pool some water under the house. Cut off the hot water and it seems to have stopped.

Plumber will be out Monday, but I’m gonna go rent a submersible pump to clear out the crawl space tomorrow. Wish I had noticed it sooner.

Eventually, I’d like to be comfortable enough to fix plumbing issues like this, but not quite there 😅

Enjoying @sejo's tutorial so far! It's written well and super easy to follow.

Poking at some simple programming problems myself, looking forward to getting comfortable with tal!

I just watched Snoop Dogg teach kids about binary numbers and computers. What a strange timeline we’re in 😂

Well, I finally finished reading “Starting FORTH”!

What a ride. I think reverse polish notation makes my brain bend in novel ways. I can see how FORTH is great for bootstrapping a whole system single-handedly, but yowza! is it unlike things I’ve seen before.

I’m looking forward to poking at over the holidays to put my understanding of RPN to the test and see if my brain can get used to solving problems that way.

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Now that I’ve gotten really comfortable with cooking, we’ve cancelled the meal kit delivery service we were using and got back into shopping for produce at the grocer.

Something I’ve realized: we really don’t need those little plastic twist tie produce bags they have in the produce section. Like, why double bag that stuff?

I need to get back into the groove of using reusable bags and skip that stuff altogether!

I am *SO* excited for Winter and the holiday season. Everything slows down and it’s time to rest and recuperate!

It may be early, but we’ve put up our tree and things just feel ~cozy~. I love it.

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