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It's live!

HTML and CSS simple tips and tricks for your website. :cooldog:

The goal is to help you with easy tricks to make the HTML of your website accessible, readable by everyone and optimized for low bandwidth. I cover a LOT of things in these 20+ pages of text and I still need to add one or two more.

I'll share some parts in the next days, thanks for everyone who took time to proofread this huge beast. :tealheart:

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Hi, I'm Thomas, a frontend dev and fighting game writer. I prefer my websites low on tech and my fighting games high on salt.

Thanks for having me, I'm curious about what you're all doing here. 👀

Ok so today plasterers flooded my kitchen because they put the water on without checking if all pipes were shut. I just want these people to finish and disappear from my life.

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Woke up at 5am panicked because my brain thought I might not have the right electric socket for my oven. Renovation is tiring, let me sleep.

Chīsai is aimed at people who need a free solution to have their own small space on the internet without falling into the CMS install and maintenance craziness.

It answers three very important things for me when it comes to websites:

1. It should be easy to modify by someone else
2. It should be durable and long lasting
3. Each person should own the code of its website

That's why, despite not liking centralization, it uses Github. It's a first step into OWNING the code + durable hosting.

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Chisai is now available for everyone! 🔥

It's a microsite generator, editable and hosted on github. Everything is pre-configured and it's easy to customize the content. :cooldog:

Guide/How to:

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[THREAD] There are many myths and legends regarding the Jupiter plant and it upholds its reputation. Jupiter plant, as it was known, was a film and camera production factory. In fact even today, if you were shopping around Kyiv for a film camera, you might still find a lens that was produced here. But that's the cover story – Jupiter was a top-secret military robotics facility. Continued below, video at the end.

Location: 30 kilometre-exclusion, Jupiter Plant, Ukraine. 2019.

I'm getting burned out by my inability to do simple things in C and it's making me mad. And then when I find a solution I'm super happy and feel like the smartest person ever. But overall this approach is draining and I'm not sure I'll be able to keep it going for long.

Hum, I'm thinking about redoing my time parser to generate SVG. Accessibility would still work and I would have way less browsers mismatches for gradients.

Hey C folks, I have a question. My template has inline SVGs and they make the whole code unreadable. Is there a way to use a directive with a fopen to put the svg content inside it? Something like:

LOGO fopen("../assets/logo.svg", "r");

I freaking hate the CHAR type in C. Give me a normal string I'm begging you. I'll do anything.

Soon the hard part: remaking the text parser. That won't be a piece of cake.

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On one side I think becoming a teacher will free me from the whole stress of working with organizations and clients. But on the other side I like the challenge of solving technical problems and I love coding. Complicated mixed feelings.

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So successfully passed the tech challenge and the live teaching challenge and will now have a call with the head of the school. Things are going great but I’m still unsure if I want to be a teacher. 😅

I can't wait to be in my new apartment so I can make myself a space dedicated to relaxation and creativity. Maybe a long chair with a lot of cushions for reading and coding? Anyway, something chill.

I've been using Regolith on my main working machine for a few months now and I * love * this Linux distribution. i3 is a marvelous window management and some tweaks I did makes the whole system feels so personal. I'm also using more and more command line programs. i3 feels efficient, tidy and unobtrusive. It also reduces distractions and finally made the whole concept of multiple desktops click. 🖤

Back to Chisai after a long wait. It's 400 lines of python that generates a static html website with a default template and config file. It's easy to add sub-sections and it's automatically built and hosted on github.

Just when renovations were starting to get real again I hurt my back (while CLEANING of all things) and now I have to lie in bed. I guess it’s time for me to rest for a few days.

Time to get up and plug those ventilation pipes. :moar:

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