The person that ultimately led me to having a panic attack last September is leaving our team for a new position. I'm relieved.

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Pierre Soulages, the master of Black, will be exposed to the Louvres Museum from December 11 to March 9 to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Work rant 

Still annoyed at myself for not doing inktober fully. I’m still relearning that I need more time to draw and paint, that this process can take hours. But my current life rhythm is still too much about speed and efficiency.

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I had a wonderful weekend at our annual small family style fighting game tournament. Despite being sick I managed to play some good matchs and run brackets without trouble. I love those games and this community so much! 🥰🕹️

Organizing fighting games tournament is hard but it’s even harder for your buddy struggling inside the arcade cabinet to make it work. 😅

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Ordered some sticker sheets of the ecosystem rabbits

"They are places of a kind of radical clearing, a clearing in which a person is encouraged to ask deep questions: Who am I, really? What do I want? What do I need from others? Of what am I most afraid?"

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So tonight in Disco Elysium I played pétanque wrongly, had a heart attack by punching a mail box, almost became racist and also decided communism was worth being revived. I LOVE THIS GAME. :tealheart:

I'm at work, coding newsletters. Kinda boring but at least I got to use MJML to do it, which makes it way easier.

I managed to :
- not code
- not worry about work
- rest and sleep
- have fun
For one weekend. I'm freaking proud of myself for NOT trying to think or do anything. 😤

I've been spending my weekend reading comics, playing video games and sleeping (a lot). I should do this more often. :p

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