So I'm starting my fourth week without being able to work and just learned it's going to continue for the whole month. A long break isn't unpleasant and is actually what I needed but I didn't thought it would happen this way. Gonna continue self-learning and personal projects.

Bless artists who post their painting process at normal speed, it helps to understand the process and decision making better. :tealheart:

I put my dithering imagemagick script into a gist:

This quite complex script is an optimal one crated by Dave Newton, who tested a lot of different IM configs before setting it in stone as the most efficient one. His article is amazing to learn how to optimize IM, give it a look:

Have fun!

Dithering images with a black and white design is cool. Also added a css noise on the whole screen.

Sending all entries of the to is a super great idea to help archive and discover them, kudos to whoever had the idea!

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Don't forget to upload screenshots to your game! They will appear on this page:

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"mom can we buy a sound mixer?"

"no we have sound mixer at home"

sound mixer at home:

Finished my static site generator in Python for mu wiki! Now I can start styling and creating more content. :tealheart:

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So, on the last post, you've got one of the most well known piece of the book, and the softwares used.

Here are some of the fantastic artworks.

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Like why have I been feeling apathetic at work for months now? Because everything I do requires lower skills than I have. Why can't I draw anymore? Because I have lower skill than before and I put myself extra high challenges to go back to this level. And why I can code for hours? Because I have enough skills to do the task, which is well defined and gives me feedback.

Really eye-opening!

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Completely randomly learned about the flow chart by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. To achieve flow or enter the "zone", a state where you deliberately control your attention instead of forcing it on a task, you need this task to be clearly defined, not too hard or too easy, and which can provide instant feedback. Csikszentmihalyi referred to flow as "an optimal experience" which of course is clearly enjoyable.

It seems kinda obvious but it actually helps putting logical explanations behind feelings.

Not sure if I'm gonna participate in the hyper card jam. The anxious part of me who's tired says don't, the other one says I should at least try. I'll see.

Kinda managed to get Noodle menu working on iPad but if the touch event is activated with a stylus it doesn’t work for the menu. Happy anyway!

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