Aaaand done for today. A few more things to do but overall I'm happy with the result.

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Spent some time on Ronbun, my site builder:
- Reorganized the folders and files
- Replaced the python local dev server by a nodejs one
- Integrated image sh commands into the js builder
- Revamped the time entries markup
- Revamped the time parser and added it to the site builder

Now everything is ready and I have to think about how I want to present this time entries. 🤔

My goal was to give lazy loading to everyone, even older browsers, to reduce data usage. The only drawback is that you can't poly-fill it if JavaScript is disabled. But in this case if the use has a recent browser, the native lazy-loading can still work and responsive/multi format images are still working too, so it's a nice middle ground.

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I created a second branch for my parser Kaku that I'm gonna use for my site builder. This branch provides responsive, multi-format, lazy-loading and noscript image support while the classic one only generates classic image tags. You can find the modified function with the markup used here for those interested:
(Beware that this markup requires a client side little script, it's in the src folder!)

Me thinking to myself: "After 4 years as a web developer I have enough experience to have balanced and valid opinions about my field of work."

Also me: *Spends 3 hours on a JavaScript bug that was in fact a non closed HTML tag*

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22XX, archeology paper:

Controversial uses of CSS during the 21st century

Oh so the noscript tag in a template litteral actually breaks my parser?! 😱

Hurting friends while trying to help them is soul crushing.

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I'm finally home after 5 days helping my family moving. I'm so tired but happy it's done. Gonna sleep for one or two days, brb.

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Just a little bit about making my own personal knowledge management system :)

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Fediverse: I (the whitest, cishet-est person imaginable) have been unexpectedly put on the diversity & inclusion team at $dayjob. Our task is to make recommendations to the bosses and the board on how to improve our practices and make our workplace more welcoming for everyone.

I want to use this platform to do an excellent job. So please help me! What resources should I be looking at, what best practices are there, who should I talk with? This is in the UK if this matters at all.

To me the more pressing thing really is to syop relying on plastic. There’s so much plastic everywhere in everything even in a simple normal house, this is disgusting. I was already careful but I need to do more.

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I’ve been complaining here about emptying a family house for a few days. The other members of the family all have things here except for me so I volunteered to be garbage man and I’ve been triaging things for days now and it’s depressing.

Yesterday I asked in the family group chat that we stop offering things for the gesture and be more thoughtful, or at least consider offering things that are recyclable or repairable. Most seem to agree, so maybe that will change for real.

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My Itch page makes me so happy, I’m so proud of this two games :)

Felt like a fraud for so long because I wasn’t doing “real games” and now it feels like I can call myself a game developer without feeling weird about it

Tomorrow will be the last sleep at the family house. Feeling kinda sad and that the new house isn’t as good but well, my mom wants less responsibilities and less space so overall I’m happy for her.

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