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It's live!

HTML and CSS simple tips and tricks for your website. :cooldog:

The goal is to help you with easy tricks to make the HTML of your website accessible, readable by everyone and optimized for low bandwidth. I cover a LOT of things in these 20+ pages of text and I still need to add one or two more.

I'll share some parts in the next days, thanks for everyone who took time to proofread this huge beast. :tealheart:

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Hi, I'm Thomas, a frontend dev and fighting game writer. I prefer my websites low on tech and my fighting games high on salt.

Thanks for having me, I'm curious about what you're all doing here. 👀

Spent 6 hours yesterday creating ANOTHER static site generator for someone else. This no code and more art year is not starting well.

Today I go see my family for the first time since august. We will probably be in lockdown in the coming weeks, so I suppose it will be another long time before I see them again after this weekend.

Am IThe dumbass who got one of his ears pierced at a time where masks are mandatory? Of course. Do I regret? Maybe.

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For the few folks still interested about it, I updated my renovation journal. A lot of kitchen talks.

Damn I really like making HTML, CSS and presentational JavaScript. :tealheart:

Deep dive in the madness of a man who wanted to lab an infinite combo on Digimon Rumble Arena. :sadlinux:

We'll be discussing WarGreymon, canaries, dive in the matrix and most of all LUA scripting.

Spent a few hours refactoring some code from 2017 and now I have clean controllers and templates. :triangle:

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Oh also I bought a kitchen today and now I'm all out of money because I decided I wanted my kitchen to be made nearby and not on the other side of the planet, without too much chemicals and smelly glue, and that it should last 20 years instead of being disposable. Needless to say those things don't come cheap. :sadlinux:

Hey Merveilles, tomorrow I'm publishing a crazy fun article wrote by a contributor about retro engineering a Digimon fighting game, I hope you'll enjoy it.😅

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Two and a half years after it was published, I finally built a marketing page for my first book.

PRs to make it better are welcome

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The client is Scrooge Mac Duck and reduced the project funds so I will not participate. I’m so mad. :sadlinux:

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(And now I go back to MAKE ART and renovate my apartment :sadlinux: )

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Get ready for another wall of text! :moar:

🔥 A short history of CSS methodologies 🔥

I was looking at modern CSS frameworks and methodologies like Tailwind or Cube CSS, but had a hard time understanding the whole context that led to their creation. So I went down the rabbit hole to see how it started, and wrote what I understood about it. :cooldog:

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