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Hi, I'm Thomas, a frontend dev and fighting game writer. I prefer my websites low on tech and my fighting games high on salt.

Thanks for having me, I'm curious about what you're all doing here. 👀

Sad day on the renovation side. Gotta write this and eat some curry to get better.

Redid my whole git workflow for my website to separate content/build from the code. I'm wondering if I should do a standalone version/repo for my time tracker.

@rostiger I have a noise problem with my install. When you play a video (for example in youtube), does it creates white noise for a moment before and after playing it?

One thing is sure however, it's that I probably won't go without i3 anymore. :tealheart:

I like my Pi as my dev machine but it still feels a bit clunky and I always regret not having a more appealing and full fledged distro like manjaro.

I have a free week left to work on my apartment, after that I'll be back to work. Those two weeks are going to break my time tracker. :moar:

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I started writing a journal of my apartment renovation! I wrote the whole first week this evening. I'm not sure it's gonna super interesting to others, it's more that I want a trace about how I felt during this project.

So I managed to parse my twitter feed and extract links... But now I'm not sure how I should go for new links that I'll post in the future. The most obvious one would be to create a parser that triggers at build time but the idea of parsing HTML is... frightening. :rake:

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Construction workers are coming this Saturday to destroy walls, install doors, remove a bath tub... I’m excited and afraid at the same time. I should take photos and add them to my website to document the process.

That feeling when the wallpaper goes from the wall in one large slab without even having to use solvents. :moar:

So I used a python scraper to recover all my twitter feed and now I have... 1024 links. I think I'll have to do some more cleanup. :ouroboros:

Thinking about making a parser of my social media feeds to recover the links I post there and list them on my site. 🤔

"Assis en tailleur, voilà des heures que je médite
Sur ma montagne et je n'arrive pas à faire le vide
Je focalise sur le diaphragme, j'augmente mon énergie
Réveille la bête qui dans mon âme est tapie"
I love IAM :tealheart:

« Today’s tech industry really is a triumph of the postmodern work ethic. No one cares about your product; we care about your adoption. No one cares about what your technology does; we care about what problems it solves for users, and how fast you can grow. The first commandment of tech is Build Stuff People Want. »

And now to bed, tomorrow it's tear off wallpaper day again. :sadlinux:

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