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Hi, I'm Thomas, a frontend dev and fighting game writer. I prefer my websites low on tech and my fighting games high on salt.

Thanks for having me, I'm curious about what you're all doing here. 👀

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We spent the day completely changing the configuration of the appartement to create a space dedicated to work. My partner could only work in the bedroom or the living room, and started to not be able to rest because those places meant work. Hopefully it will be better this way. :tealheart:

So my headless :rpi: as a hotspot with a fixed ip adress is ready for work in case I'm moving and want to bring my "computer" with me and access through my tablet or another computer. Next I have to install a desktop manager for the moment I use it at home. Will probably go for XFCE but I'm open to suggestions for lightweight others.

I've been in my sofa the whole afternoon, installing my raspberry pi while listening to pop anime soundtracks, 10/10 would do it again.

I’m already thinking about inktober and trying to find some rules that will help motivate me and make it interesting. So far I’m thinking about doing more symbolist pieces, to work better on shapes and meaning instead of going into details extravaganza. Prototype fast and then spend some time but not too much on the final drawing.

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cw bad parody news headlines in comic 

today's mood brought to you by pseudonymjones

Received my raspberry pi and started installing everything I need on it... But I can't find where I put the accessories I previously ordered and among them the hdmi adapter so I can only connect through SSH for now. -_ -

Wow just found this PCI old sound card. Soundblaster audigy 1394 (with EAX support?). Any idea if it’s still useful? Anyone want it?

I'm emptying my shelves and will have things to give away if anyone needs it. Things like old computers, consoles, sound cards... I may even have my whole microphone + mixing table but to sell. I want to simplify my setup and stop living in a mess of things.

My partner said we needed a quiet place to relax during our vacations. Next thing I know we’re in a wooden cabin at the top of trees. :moar:

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I wish I was able to go to Japan this year, I need those Hiroshima style okonomiyaki. :sadlinux:

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"Who takes out the trash in an anarchist society" idk man who takes out the trash in a shared household?? You talk about it, you work out a system, you don't treat the garbage-taker-outers like shit. It's not complicated, it's contextual

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Time to go on vacations! This time I’ll go to the cutely « pink granit coast ». 💖

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