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HTML and CSS simple tips and tricks for your website. :cooldog:

The goal is to help you with easy tricks to make the HTML of your website accessible, readable by everyone and optimized for low bandwidth. I cover a LOT of things in these 20+ pages of text and I still need to add one or two more.

I'll share some parts in the next days, thanks for everyone who took time to proofread this huge beast. :tealheart:

Oh I forgot to tell you about my last "progress" in my renovation work. The the neighbor downstairs came and told us that the wooden floor creaking was driving him crazy. So now we have to take time to solidify some blades together with wooden glue. Lintels are invisible so I can put nails, and even if they were, the creaks come from two blades meeting each other while not being supported by a lintel. It's gonna take a long time to stop all the noise.

(This one was difficult to write mostly because my reflection was evolving as I was writing, please be kind :sadlinux: )

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Hello Merveilles, it's been a while 👋 How are you all?

Wanted to share with y'all this beautiful version of The Real Folk Blues that the legendary Seatbelts recorded during the pandemic. Made me tear up a little.

@gueorgui Hey friend, how are you doing? Hope everything is ok! :tealheart:

A few more tweaks and testing and Botoz will be done.

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Hello, good afternoon, yes, sorry for the bother, but...

Someone needs to make this, please? So that I might give them all the money.

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COBOL - Built to Last

In this sense, COBOL and its scapegoating show us an important aspect of high tech that few in Silicon Valley, or in government, seem to understand. Older systems have value, and constantly building new technological systems for short-term profit at the expense of existing infrastructure is not progress. In fact, it is among the most regressive paths a society can take.

I'm on 4G and near the end of my data so I went into an old drive and dug up my old music folder full of mp3. Sooooo many good albums I haven't listened for years! This one is a blast from the past!

Doing some NuxtJS to prepare for another job interview. I haven't been motivated like this for a while.

Today I had a job interview in the same company I left one year ago. I was happy and excited to learn that if taken I would work with great people I already know. I was almost convinced but after the interview I realized I left this previous job because, despite working with great people, the work there feels meaningless and passionless. So I’ll have to refuse it, which will probably put me in a dire situation.

Now that renovations and moving is done I'm slowly starting to get back to my hobbies and a more normal schedule. What a ride it has been!

Botoz3000 can now generate an xml file with the <item> pre-filled from a mp3 file that was properly tagged.

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Also I have very hard time focusing, but I can't stay still and do nothing. RAAAAH BRAIN STOP.

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