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J'ai écris un rapide résumé de pourquoi avoir sa plateforme personnelle sur le web est important au lieu de se reposer sur des plateformes tierces. J'y donne aussi des conseils d'outils et d'hébergement à utiliser.

Bonne lecture !

(Bon après je doute que ça serve à beaucoup de gens ici. :moar: )

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@thomasorus C'est cool, je vais faire tourner ça autour de moi, j'ai des questions de ce genre de manière assez régulière!

@thomasorus Interesting! If this post is still subject to improvements, I think it could be useful to talk about static website generators :) (Jekyll, Hugo...)

In my experience, they were easier to host than Ghost (no need to play with services, databases or other component that may represent some security risk at some point).

Counterpart being you would lose the nice visual editor provided with Ghost.

Static websites can be hosted with a simple web server or stuff like github pages

@schematicwizard Static site generators are too complicated right now for common folks. If you need a back office you need to go with a headless cms, which creates more complexity as you either install Wordpress/ghost and use their rest api or you pay a service and are stuck with it.

Every cheap host offers php ans MySQL. More and more of them offer node. For a newcomer, knowing that everything is handled by a single package is way better and easy. No need to rush.

@thomasorus I get your point and sadly you're right about the initial complexity of static site generators for newcomers and end users.

Excluding the need for a backoffice, maybe the community should work on the packaging of such tools? The final product / hosting stack tends to be simpler and less risky than the CMS approach, that force the user to update all the time and backup databases for their own protection. That's a shame it doesn't reflect on the user experience of content creators!

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