Some of the most influential images of my childhood and teenage days are Pink Floyd's covers. It was like discovering surrealism or Dada aesthetics from pop culture at a time where I didn't have anyone to teach me about them.

In the same vein, Wojtek Siudmak's paintings for science fiction books made a huge impression on me. It was like discovering Dali while buying Dune. An access to a type of imagery not available to you if you didn't have access to a museum with contemporary art.

I was kinda shocked by how my art school teachers saw this as "unworthy art" because some of them were commercial illustrations. I still kept them in my influences when passing in front of the jury for my degree because fuck teachers.

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@thomasorus I can relate. Between Pink Floyd and Siudmak, it seems like we had very similar influences. I also remember all of these pictures fondly, they were important to expand my imagination. It's funny how covers and illustrations can be totally underrated despite playing a huge role in how you perceive the work they introduce you to, and also how they can stand as meaningful pieces on their own, even if they're not supposed to.

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