I’m curious, what are the possibilities for delivering an application on Linux macOS and windows, with bonus to iOS and Android?

@thomasorus webshit will let you build bloated apps for all platforms.

@thomasorus Is there a reason you why it needs to be cross-platform other than because more people will be able to use it?

@neauoire Because I’m on various platform myself. My dev machine in on Linux, my phone on iOS and I still have moments when I need windows. :/

@thomasorus dang, that's tough. I hope you find something that works for you ✊

@neauoire I've totally forgot about haxe, it could be what I'm looking for but I have to investigate further.

@thomasorus Electron and presumably React should let you develop for all of those platforms, but there are caveats and weird edge cases

@thomasorus and yeah there is what seems to be a lot of bloat and explosion of dependencies that I don't quite understand the need for, or why this hasn't been streamlined

@thomasorus I'm looking at updating a React app I wrote 3 years ago, because Apple are threatening to take it off the store due to lack of updates. The code base is unrecognisably different from what I remember, and looking at starting over entirely.

@flame I’m not surprised I’ve had this too! I’m trying to not go with web tech because of this and poor performance. I know I could wrap things in electron but I prefer to not go this path.

@thomasorus performance isn't so much an issue I've experienced with the tools I have—aside from particularly expensive processing tasks of course.

@thomasorus I did have a crazy dream where I remade one of my tools in Unity...

@thomasorus Don't take my word for it. I never tried this in prod. I only did a few tutorials to see how that works. It needs more research to see if it fits your needs and if you trust it to be a sustainable solution over time. But it's the only other thing that I know that is not Electron.

You could also look at Godot, to a certain degree, it also publishes to a multi platform.

@thomasorus @xuv its still very early alpha or beat depending on the OS...

@morgan @thomasorus @xuv Flutter's got lots of momentum. I just can't imagine ever liking coding in Dart.

@thomasorus I think qt technically can run on everything...

I'm myself using React in a PWA that let me run it in all platforms as long as I have a browser, cause I am in the same situation as you (need multiple platforms) and its the "easiest" way for me to implement my ideas, even if not the most optimal one.

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