After the grinder accident Monday going back to the apartment to work has been harder and harder. I've done a lot of plaster and fixes and painted some ceilings, but I'm having a hard time just going there. Decided to take the day off today to reset a little bit and tomorrow my partner will come and help me. The last 20% really are the hardest.

Also it's lockdown again in France and I won't have the help of members of my family outside my state, which means I'll have to do all the painting by myself. I can't wait for everything to end.

I'm so tired. I just want to rest and code something without having pressure.

@thomasorus can you take some time this weekend to relax and release some pressure? Sending you many good vibes!

@Erjaeger We're reaching the end of the renovation and have to finish a lot of things, so not much. But I'll try to rest a bit more.

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