Despite knowing how to do things * in theory * I can't manage to make things work in C. Books are not working too.

I'm gonna do some tutorials projects like building Kilo or building your own Lisp in C first, and hope things "click" this way.

@thomasorus maybe too entry lever for you, but I did the Edx course on C, and helped grasping things. Check it out!

@thomasorus Hey, just came across this, i know it's a book, but maybe the format is different?

@minkiu I've seen it yeah and I like the tone of it! I think my problem right now is that I'm super tired after doing months of renovation work and can't concentrate.

@thomasorus oh yeah, saw those! Com on ng along real nice. Sorry if I come as pushy just though of you toot when saw it 😁 I'll stop now heh

@thomasorus have you tried "learn c the hard way" ? it was very helpful for me

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