Today I had a job interview in the same company I left one year ago. I was happy and excited to learn that if taken I would work with great people I already know. I was almost convinced but after the interview I realized I left this previous job because, despite working with great people, the work there feels meaningless and passionless. So I’ll have to refuse it, which will probably put me in a dire situation.

@thomasorus That's a tough decision to make. If it affects your mental health it might be better not to work there again, but being in a dire situation might also affect your mental health. Working with people you like may make passionless work more tolerable, but it's still heavy. You don't have other options rn?

@rek I may have another gig coming but it will last only a few months, my boss logically prefers putting me on a two year project in a bank. TBH I think I prefer not work there again than not being in a mission for now.

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