I'm thinking about moving into a yurt, and the idea doesn't even feel weird, even if it probably will to everyone I know. Staring at a skydome could be a nice change after a lifetime of staring at a screen.

The "what if I moved into a yurt" idea I've been pondering for a while might become more than an idea. Turns out my folks are pretty supportive regarding this hypothetical project.

Now, this would mean lots of planning, finding a suitable and affordable place, getting in touch with the builders, with the bankers (ugh), surviving the whole administrative mess, building the yurt, then moving in... if possible in that order.

It's a bit daunting, but it's way more exciting than daunting.

@ice It's exciting! Where, in which regions, are you looking for your piece of land?

@focus404 Somewhere in the north of France, likely in the countryside south/east of Lille. I don't need a lot of space, but I'd like to be able to "expand" in the future if needed, since this is a pretty modular kind of habitation. Building a couple of connected yurts, for example, or a smaller one for a working space of some sort. Experimenting :)


@ice @focus404 Stupid question but 'le chnord' being an humid and cold location, is that compatible with a yurt and, well, comfortable?

@thomasorus @focus404 I’m looking into yurts designed for permanent use, following the latest insulation norms (which are pretty strict), so I’m not worried. Heating is apparently very efficient. Also, the north is not especially cold. Temperatures are less extreme than in the more continental areas further south. And sure, it’s wet, but the last few years have seen increasingly more sun, "thanks" to climate change.

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