I'm trying Elixir and my brain is melting.

Help required in Elixir. Trying to convert each element of a list to a map with my own key, and only finding examples using .chunk_every(2) which does not do what I want.

Basically how do I transform this:

['a', 'b', 'c']

into this:

[%{text: a},
%{text: b},
%{text: c}]

@thomasorus hahaha functional programming with Elixir is very different to other languages

I really enjoyed learning elixir haha

@aynish I'm trying new languages and paradigms to see of it "clicks" more than traditional OOP. Classes were never my thing.

@thomasorus one of my favourite languages and runtimes! Enjoy.

@thomasorus something like

Enum.each([a, b, c], into: %{text: })?

@aynish It's almost this, but how do I recover the current value being processed?

For example I tried this:

Enum.each(blocks, fn x -> %{text: x} end)

But the blocks var doesn't change.

@thomasorus so you're saying you always get the full list in your unnamed function? hmmm

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