So yesterday I was listening to a podcast about the longtermism movement, popular among the tech elite. This thing is WILD. Those guys justify not helping against climate change because their efforts are focused on preventing enslavement by robots so humanity can achieve its « full potential » like going on mars or uploading brains into the network. :eccehomo:


The only response I have to that is:

stupid assholes


@thomasorus ah, the "rationalism" that starts off like "what's the best charity to donate to?" and rapidly descends into Bay Area sex cult houses where everyone has read the same particular Harry Potter fanfiction

honestly there’s a strong utilitarian argument for minecrafting all utilitarians. but im a deontologist so i would never.

@thomasorus We haven't even understood how to treat our own planet yet and some of us already want to colonize other planets.

@thomasorus I knew so many people influenced by this strain of thought when I was in college (myself included). It was v prevalent in the startup/tech community.

Among students, they got exposed to it through and

Among VCs and startup founders, it was through reading Nick Bostrom, Ray Kurzweil, or more commonly

@thomasorus Don't forget the political equivalent where people think if they make the world horrible enough then jesus will come back early and start the rapture while they're still alive

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