I'm gonna impro a stream around 10pm, in 40 minutes. Gonna start again thinking about the themes for the Merveilles forum. :merveilles:

@thomasorus where did you end up with this btw? any issues you came across that needed to be fixed with the css compiler?

@cblgh I ended up thinking I messed up and how it actually needs another feature, but I'm like, should we do it because it's more work for you. :x

@thomasorus hahaha no it's fine lol hit me bru, i can do it when i feel pumped about the forum :~

@cblgh OK I'll update the issue. And actually once you're done, you would actually have a good system for any project that you'll do in the future.

@thomasorus awyisss looking forward to it. plz ping me in a comment when you have updated the issue!

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