I already understood it but having lessons on how to actually approach it to avoid shooting your self in the foot feels nice.

But once I’m gonna do anything else than adding / removing a value I’ll be lost lol. :ouroboros:

My notes about recursion are finished. Did not re-read, too tired lol.

@thomasorus honestly it's also practice. If you use functional programming you encounters it more and at some point it's just as familiar as a loop over an array for example.

@kototama @thomasorus Agree with it. I even became familiar with `Array.reduce` in JavaScript, and this has always been the most painful for me to re-remember the mental model and know when to apply it, especially since it’s the one you don’t need in most use case.

It’s still a last resort, but at least I don’t ruin my mental energy on it anymore. :oscar:

@meduz @thomasorus that's why languages with one clear model (unlike for example Scala) can be easier. Without for loops you are bound to use map or reduce.

@thomasorus this is one of my fav guides to functional programming through the lens of JavaScript. It’s nice because it works through building the functional tooling rather than pulling in a library.

@thomasorus "The base cave is the point at which the problem is solved and recursion stops." Did you mean "bat cave"?

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