4 French people out of 5 think climate change must be taken seriously. Meanwhile the government:

Wow the Elixir Phoenix framework gives you a dashboard when you start your server, this is miles away from what I experience in JavaScript.

Fonts are an important part of my website and I want to keep them, but if they were removed it would be a -90% size reduction lol.

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Seeing @neauoire struggling to recover some files from @cblgh made me realized I maybe haven't worked hard enough on optimizing my own website. I still have to work on the images, but just by subsetting the fonts, minifying and gziping the assets, and tweaking the server config, I've reduced the page load by 70%.

Now listen to me: sites with color themes, but instead of using JavaScript to switch between them, the SSG generates a page for each. :ouroboros: :eccehomo:

So I come home and discover a manga about a super hero ROOSTER that fights kaijus and I'm like wat :moar: (title is Niwatori Fighter)

Merveilles EU meetup day 2: eating humus and parmigiana by the fire.

The Dogge Palace is incredible, but damn that Anselm Kiefer temporary exposition in the middle of it achieved to make the visit memorable.

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