Bathroom ready for the next phase. I’m so tired and my body is a painful. An apartment on the 4th floor without an elevator was a stupid idea.

Already 127 hours in renovation work since 2021 started. With 2020 time added it's 208 hours.

Most of it does not count time spent outside the apartment searching, planning, etc... So this number is undervalued.

Finished this one tonight. Great read, felt like heavy metal x buddhism.

TW: blood 

A story in two acts.
I’m ok, it’s just a scratch and I was wearing protective glasses.

Also I painted the first coat in the bathroom using a special painting that protects wall against humidity! It’s so good to see progress!

Sanded a small part of the wooden floor and it looks good. I do t like the current color so knowing it’s clearer is a good motivation to renovate it. :moar:

Finished Night in the woods today. I enjoyed it overall but felt the main character was annoying and the people around here... quite forgiving about it. An interesting experience anyway.

So I was fighting with a plinth and a piece of synthetic flooring came off, revealing this. After removing more it turns out... I bought an apartment with a massive wood flooring what the hell?!!

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