Not even following the theme because I have no inspiration, and that ink looks bad but well, at least I beat my anxiety of starting again.

I already talked about them before: the excellent Creative Fundamentals books by Devin Korwin are on sale for a few hours. They are super useful just when you are stuck or need inspiration. They also help asking yourself good questions and where to start. And it will cost you only 12 euros/dollars for both!
Vol1 :
Vol2 :

So today I discovered the light, micro-balls type, filling plaster. And it looks and behave like coconut foam dessert. It's very easy to work with compared to traditional filling plaster.

I just published Moyō 模様, the collection of CSS patterns I gathered for my time tracking tool! :tealheart:

Now you too can use black and white patterns instead of colors like it's 1984. :cooldog: :mac:

If you don't know where to start take a look at the dedicated page on my wiki.

Hey town if you want to do a « Merveilles esthetics approved » gift and give money to a small independent bookmaker, there’s one from France who just released a beautiful small book on Japanese manhole covers

A friend took two hours to explain C to me and now I'm like

Me realizing I don't have to split this string into an array of stringes since... strings are already an array in C (I think, I'm not sure of anything anymore).

Me going back to that C project after I forget everything about C.

I just finished reading Devin Korwin’s creative fundamentals vol 1 and it’s a wonderful book filled with good advices. Will take some time to digest it and then read vol 2 :tealheart:

Friends: *buy fancy cars*
Me: Ugly 2005 Yaris with folding seats go brrrr

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