@neauoire he doesn’t read lol. But he already has his costal permit and wants to go fishing. Maybe I should push in this direction. He’s getting older so I’m not sure he’ll have motivation. :blobpats:

So, how do I proceed to convince my dad that we should build a scamp boat together? 👀

Oh also it’s a bit related since it’s the app that will manage all sea lightrooms and in France! I have to make it resilient and easy to use so no one runs into rocks or reserved spaces!

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I’m writing a proposal for a public mission and I focus on the design/frontend part (a classic SPA and I recommend using Svelte). Meanwhile my colleagues are working on the backend and they are really impressing me. It’s super complicated, with a toooon of data sources in exotic formats and a lot of requirements from the client, and yet they manage to make it clear. It’s one of those moments I realize I’m really not an engineer lol (not that I want to be one!).

Family rant + covid 

My brother is still not vaccinated and feels no hurry doing it. Meanwhile his wife is a driving instructor that spends her days inside a car with different people, she could get COVID any moment. Both are parents of a 1 year old girl. Delta is starting to get wild in France and this situation is giving me anxiety. -_-

@flbr Also your margin problems are not problems, it's just that you did not reset the margins of the titles. Just my opinion but this reset works very well at avoiding those problems: piccalil.li/blog/a-modern-css-

@flbr Yup, it's <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
missing from your <head>. Try adding it on your existing site with the dev tools.

@flbr Try adding

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

inside the head of your template?

@flbr that's quite a strange css you got there. If I understand correctly, you want the menu on the left to permanently be visible on desktop, but to get on top on mobile with elements getting side by side instead of of top of each others?

@neauoire first poopoo, now sleep, congrats! I can relate so much on making your life environment better. :tealheart:

@rostiger I’m gonna take some web design missions, I feel potentiel clients won’t understand my position for a while and I should enlarge my skill set. We’ll see how it goes, it might be the start of something new.

My partner was angry at me for not making any progress on renovation for months now, so we decided we should have a day dedicated to it where we both work. I've installed the plants on the balcony, filled the holes in the doors while she finishes installing furniture in the kitchen. This is nice!

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