The new Predator movie, Prey, was super cool. Short and focused, great actors, simple plots without nonsense. Watched it with the Comanche dub and it was super immersive.

@alderwick @cblgh @rostiger I want to boat even harder since the meetup, but am currently working hard and too much to get the money to one day get the boat. One day our fleet will assemble!

@oppen Yeah having a stash for those moments is one of my habits too. It doesn't 100% saves you from stress but at least you know you're OK.

@oppen Congrats pal! I hope everything will go as you wish, I had no doubt you would find something. :tealheart:

html accessibility question 

@pixouls @fragmentscenario @tendigits Damn i don’t even have to link my own website now, thanks folks.

For some reason I re-listened to The Verve and I LOVE how nineties the people in the clip are.

Nothing like a morning spent drinking coffee and eating croissant while the below neighbors cut their balcony steel guardrail. :ohnobubble:

@oppen This is the thing. One of my old colleagues is getting desperate that the company he’s been working in for almost 10 years is falling inside those trends despite never having the requirements. But since some more vocal people talk, suddenly they are shifting to micro services and single page apps despite clients needing basic monoliths and having only 2 devs working on the project simultaneously. Our field is so broken.

@ritualdust Liz this bodhran has a very strong Goth Brittany vibe I love it.

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