@Preston @syntacticsugarglider @cblgh Just change the colors of the variables in the css file. They start with —, you have three of them.

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A handful of thoughts that crossed my mind: About the conflict between creating a better world for all and getting our own needs met


@Erjaeger It’s been less intensive with less things to transport this past few days. We’re almost there with the kitchen, the shower needs more work.

@neauoire I’ll inspect the html for sure once I’m done with renovations. 👀

Yeah sex is good but have you tried cutting a hole in a counter top and having your sink fit perfectly?

@cblgh This is the path of my destiny (or being an owner)

@rostiger @cblgh Can it be cured pls I don't want it I just want to chill in my sofa and write bad code

@cblgh I probably wont. Once all this is done I have to remove 60 square meters of synthetic floor then sand the wooden floor. And then, paint the whole apartment again, two times.

Urg the stiffness in the back and the hands is really something I won’t get used to.

@neauoire Nope. New apartment is super close to the old one, 5 min by car.

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