Am IThe dumbass who got one of his ears pierced at a time where masks are mandatory? Of course. Do I regret? Maybe.

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@flbr @ciel @FredBednarski thanks! I’m super unsatisfied by my current design so I’m always surprised when people enjoy it.

For the few folks still interested about it, I updated my renovation journal. A lot of kitchen talks.

Damn I really like making HTML, CSS and presentational JavaScript. :tealheart:

@hxii Posted some bits of my pages and it works surprisingly well!

Deep dive in the madness of a man who wanted to lab an infinite combo on Digimon Rumble Arena. :sadlinux:

We'll be discussing WarGreymon, canaries, dive in the matrix and most of all LUA scripting.

Spent a few hours refactoring some code from 2017 and now I have clean controllers and templates. :triangle:

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Oh also I bought a kitchen today and now I'm all out of money because I decided I wanted my kitchen to be made nearby and not on the other side of the planet, without too much chemicals and smelly glue, and that it should last 20 years instead of being disposable. Needless to say those things don't come cheap. :sadlinux:

Hey Merveilles, tomorrow I'm publishing a crazy fun article wrote by a contributor about retro engineering a Digimon fighting game, I hope you'll enjoy it.😅

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