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Writing my renovation journal for the week. I should name it "Plumbing with your dad Simulator".

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Just saw @neauoire templating engine and now I want to redo my parser. 💀

I finished my technical test as well as my plumbing today and tomorrow I’ll finish water pipes. I’m so tired...

Me: I need to take this technical test seriously.
Also me: this test would be much nicer with dogs.

Back home and I can finally rest. Plumbing is done but it was a bumpy part of the renovation.

Today I’m doing plumbing with my dad! :moar:
Gonna have to learn how to do it myself as he is getting old. Next week he’ll have a chirurgical operation to unstuck some nerves or something like that. A lifetime of physical labor leaved him physically broken, but he’s always willing to help.

I found a big recess in my kitchen, that I have to close. I'm thinking about hiding something spooky inside for the next owner to maybe find, if it's ever found. What should I hide?

Did I told you having an apartment on the fourth floor was a bad idea?

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Also: removed plasterboard wall and discover TWO ventilation shafts, a gigantic recess filled with isolation wool, unused electric cables and massive beams that will be hard to remove.

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In the true spirit of Merveilles I went from « they’ll choose a door for me» to «  I’ll buy a door by myself » to finally « I should make my own door » very quickly. :maru:

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