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A few of people of Merveilles are doing dried and fermented food which is rare nowadays, but back then it was super common. The village had one grocery store where a lot of the food was sold in jars. Herrings were drying on beams. Those stores were not selling lactose products, that was the role of the creamery, which had the equipment to keep those products fresh enough.

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Still some people kept them and instead, picked fruits and sold them at the local distillery. Around September end October, farmers would come as early as 6am with horse carts full of apples, and queue in front of the distillery. After all it took you a day to fill the cart but that was basically free money from a ressource you were not allowed to use for this specific produce. That wasn’t a long time ago, it was in the seventies! 10 years before the eighties, the decade I was born. It’s wild.

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My dad is 64 so not so old and all this wasn’t such a long time ago. By the seventies the industrialization of farming had started, farmers were encouraged to get richer by producing more and most of them did. It encouraged land consolidation. Fruit trees started to disappear from fields when the government started fining farmers that were making their own booze, thus encouraging even more land destruction. Farming knowledge, like the benefits of trees in fields, was lost.

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First tractors that arrived in France were USA pony tractors or something like that. Apparently they had shitty engines so until local car makers started producing reliable tractors, everyone was using jeeps for all kind of things like wood harvesting, harvesting, tow trucking. It must have been funny seeing all those us army jeeps rolling around. 😅

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My grandfather was mobilized after the war to put roads back in shape and they had priority on everything including US army leftovers like trucks and Jeeps. In the early 60 there were still a lot of US Jeeps in Normandy but literally no farmer had tractors. Since my grandfather knew how to repair jeeps and that, on those models, there was an access to the engine to fit anything, he made money but making custom jeeps for farmers to use as tractors. They were cheap 4x4 after all!

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I had a fun chat with my dad and we reflected on how the world changed in just 60 years. When he was a kid people paid car reparations at my grandfather garage with ducks, chickens or salads. They would do this on Sunday after coming to church, so there was always a lot of people at the house. The garage had to feed the employees so each day my father had to get a giant 7 pounds bread he had to carry with two hands. The garage employed a lady for cooking and cleaning as well.

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Our new collective Domingo Club is alive! We make fermented , tools and explore collaboration with natural processes to promote , , and in our global food system.

There’s some days where you don’t seem to make any progress in renovation work and those days are the worst. Not being able to go home after achieving something significant because all you had to do is fix a ton of tiny problems is depressing.

I'm redoing the CSS of my fighting game website using the CUBE Css methodology and modern CSS things. Thinking into a programmatic way to let the browser do the work instead of micro-managing every aspect of each component is HARD.

The last content update for Tekken 7 comes with this remix of a classic Tekken 5 track. 🔥

Some days you just want to paint your walls in the face.

This article is AMAZING. It lists everything you need to know about well know html modules and how to make them accessible.

Also I painted the first coat in the bathroom using a special painting that protects wall against humidity! It’s so good to see progress!

Sanded a small part of the wooden floor and it looks good. I do t like the current color so knowing it’s clearer is a good motivation to renovate it. :moar:

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Finished Night in the woods today. I enjoyed it overall but felt the main character was annoying and the people around here... quite forgiving about it. An interesting experience anyway.

The good news: I have a wooden floor.
The bad news: I need to renovate this wooden floor, and I'm really lacking time right now.

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