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I can’t wait to reinstall my computer and start programming again. Maybe tomorrow.

Au fait les français, j'ai écrit un article sur ce qu'il faut savoir avant d'acheter un fauteuil de bureau. C'est disponible ici, je ferai une version anglaise sur mon site perso dans le futur :

What a strange feeling that this place I spent so many hours on is not a never ending abstract project anymore but something I can enjoy everyday. I felt like I was in someone else house lol.

Slept so well. It’s so quiet here. But I need curtains lol.

With the hours of 2020 added, I’ve spent 361 hours from the moment I bought my apartment to the moment I moved in. This is probably underestimated as it does not count time planning or searching, and sometimes I forgot the write my hours.

Pfew. There’s still a lot to do, but at least I’m in. :tealheart:

My hands are swole and I can’t completely close the right one. I think that’s a sign it’s time things come to an end. Today I’ll just oil the floor.

Most of my disks ended like this. Such a pain to unscrew the disk each time, sometimes after just 30 seconds of use. :sadlinux:

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To give you an idea of how much this floor was varnished, it took me 25 disks to do the wall borders and my father used 6 rolls.

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I’d like to thank my body for not letting me down despite a 12 hours work day, most of it leaning forward. I have a sanded floor now.

Come two days left. Today we grind. Tomorrow we oil.

And then, we move in.

Fortunately I hired movers, I'm beaten.

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