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Hey students and researchers how do you manage to read books and take notes? Taking notes on paper interrupts my flow as it’s too long. I was thinking maybe underlining directly on the book and then take notes at the end of each chapter?

I did not talk about it but Elden Ring has been my goto game since it came out, and I still haven't finished it. Yesterday I finished exploring the Royal Capital of Leyndell and was in awe for the whole session. I feel as if I was visiting a Caspar David Friedrich painting.

If you don't plan to play the game I encourage you to watch this great video, which has beautiful capture of the environments.

The things people would do when they are bored in the train.

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Now listen to me: sites with color themes, but instead of using JavaScript to switch between them, the SSG generates a page for each. :ouroboros: :eccehomo:

Those low level new features coming or already here in CSS are making me soooo happy. Some fix problems we had for years.

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Help required in Elixir. Trying to convert each element of a list to a map with my own key, and only finding examples using .chunk_every(2) which does not do what I want.

Basically how do I transform this:

['a', 'b', 'c']

into this:

[%{text: a},
%{text: b},
%{text: c}]

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I finished the Goblin Emperor and now I don't have any more Goblin Emperor to read. :sadlinux:

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I'm happy to introduce our new ultra-low tech CMS for smol, accessible websites. The goal was to make something that could be self-hosted, but friendly enough for people who don't SFTP or use a terminal. 3 PHP files, Apache, and Gemtext. Should work on any dumb old Apache host; a technical person could manage many of these for friends and family with zero maintenance. Happy to answer any questions or take bug reports.


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I started reading The Gobelin Emperor today after seeing @cblgh reading it during the meetup. I already devoured half of it, it’s super cool. :moar:

When I open my code editor to fix a bug in one of my terribly coded side projects

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Putting some love to the interface. NCurses is not OpenGL but makes for a really nice portable environment

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