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Then, the date is used in the year-month-day format for technical reasons (it's how computers understand it), but this format is not shared by everyone in the world and is not human readable. In europe, dates are written in the day-month-year format for example. Instead of "2022-06-01", it would be better to write June 1st 2022.

The issue between readable and computer dates is why the HTML <time> element with its datetime attribute exists in the first place.

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So I'm gonna be a bit that annoying guy. @m15o created a new kind of journal spec ( that seems to get some steam here. It's a clever idea, but it has some mild accessibility issues that you should keep in mind if you decide to use it.

First of all, using an <h2> tag for the date is semantically valid, but it's not a proper use of it. A title is supposed to explain what the content of the next paragraphs is going to be about. Using the date, it conveys nothing special.

OK images done. Now the max width for an image is 720px. On a page like composition ( it reduced images weight by 60% (from around 9mo to 3.5mo). I still have problems with caching some images, but at least now it should load faster. My next goal will be to generate images while parsing to recover their size and insert the sizes accordingly in the HTML. We'll see how it goes!

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I could reduce the styles even more if I used tools available with NPM. For example, analysing for each page which CSS is needed, removed the unnecessary parts, and inline the rest. But right now I'm not really into over-tooling my website.

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Fonts are an important part of my website and I want to keep them, but if they were removed it would be a -90% size reduction lol.

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Seeing @neauoire struggling to recover some files from @cblgh made me realized I maybe haven't worked hard enough on optimizing my own website. I still have to work on the images, but just by subsetting the fonts, minifying and gziping the assets, and tweaking the server config, I've reduced the page load by 70%.

Watching @neauoire struggle with bandwidth with "common" services and app made me realize I did not share this amazing article series.
A dev at a fortune 20 company tries to make their website work on 60$ phones and terrible bandwidth. And he is successful, but it will never be implemented. Those articles are quite technical, but pictures all the shortcomings of our current web dev tools, and why it won't change soon.

(And yeah unfortunately, it forces me to rely on a build tool like npm :ouroboros: )

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OK so I'm working on optimizing my pages and even before images, just for text, I'm down from 598,07 Ko to 148,76 Ko for the page below. I still have several things to do, but it's already very, very promising.

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I knew subsetting fonts could help with performance but I did not expect to save 200kb. :moar:

I started exploring eleventy ( to replace the HTML generation part of my site. It's more of a tool to consume data than a JS framework, and I've seen a lot of people I respect in the field use it so it's encouraging.

Too bad it uses npm tho.

Maybe I'm gonna deport the time tracking thing into the page entries instead. I'm still interested to know how long I spend on some projects, but I don't need to have a timeline right now. Maybe one day if I become a freelancer I will need it, but for now my life is way more balanced.

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I've only tracked my time for half of this year for now, and honestly I think I won't be doing it anymore. Now that I've started a new job my time is kinda regulated and personal projects are rare. I'm gonna think again about this and how to make my website evolve.

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The submission are open for second edition! Send along your writing, poetry, illustrations, photos or something else entirely on the theme of ghosts, hauntology, occultism or spooky folklore. There is no submission deadline yet but i think I'll leave them open for a month or two. Boosts appreciated, let your friends know about it and look up issue 1 for inspiration ~ 👻

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