i feel like there's hidden shit in my mind that is scary and I've been avoiding and not even knowing it. i need a therapist

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i worry somewhat often that if i don't care, no one will

we are not weak,
and if you think so,
think again

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drinking wasn't a mistake, shooting hoops wasn't a mistake, but drinking and shooting hoops was a big mistake

does anyone know if this succulent is supposed to look like this, or is something wrong? Either way, it's pretty :)

so, i just realized that one can change the viability of their toots,,,,, sorry Merveilles residents, still getting used to having options that don't exist on tw*tter

I wanna see how powerful i can become, i'm gonna start trying to wake up early and shoot hoops instead of shooting hoops late

Another time, I came in and the teacher asked if I had taken a shower during lunch

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I used to shoot hoops during lunch in highschool and on the days I had AP Enviro after, I would have to clean up the visable puddle I would leave on the table.

rant about shitposting 

okay rant time

i just wanna shitpost and be upset, i'm really upset and i don't care anymore. i feel like i have recently been having to be really put together but i can't do it anymore, i can't just always be the one who tries to be the patient one, i feel like a doormat and used, and when i bring up my concerns i get ridiculed for doing so being told i need to be more patient i just want things to be okay

let me just play mindcraft steve already I HATE STOPPING MYSELF

I'm actually filled with rage but have no means to express it

Inktober, day 5


Eventually I’ll go hang with one of these uwu

i'm trying to start going to bed earlier, but it's hard for me to really get settled. any tips?

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