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In such cases, the solution is fixing those problems, not specifying the 'static lifetime.

I wrote this whole post while walking home AND dribbling with my left. Epic beast mode,

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holy shit, I get to be me and live my life

waiting for izzy to finish her dentist appt, listening to new WILLOW album,
sad about my iPad being dead,
just hot girl shit

I wish I could do more things when I don't get good sleep, it feels like I lose a whole day when it happens.

izzy: sends some bible quote to exi

me: you're flirting 🥴

bro I've been waiting in this lobby for so long

laying in the sun, taking a nap.
is this how plants feel?

if i miss taiko from shit posting, I'm going to actually cry.

how hot does the thai food you get have to be for my mouth to burn from a kiss an hour after you ate it?? absurd

okay i need to stop eating the frozen fruit or it'll just be a hug delivery service

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1am hug and frozen fruit delivery service

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