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We're harvesting around 10-15 lbs of produce every other day at the moment. Growing enough to feed ourselves, store for winter, and share with others. We're doing it all organically on about 1772 ft² (0.04 acre) in an urban area. We're not just feeding humans, but also a large population of insects and wildlife that have moved in as well. I share all of this because I want others to know how very possible it is to cultivate abundance for yourself and everything around you. 💚 🌿

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Tickfoot and the sunflower stalk; a modern fairy tale rooted in reality. ✨

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Hello Merveilles 👋 I've been a big fan of this instance for a long time and I'm honored to join the likes of everyone here.

Much of my time is spent working with plants and animals, preserving harvests, and educating folks on all of these things. I also design and build tools and software alongside @winduptoy at I'm 500-hr certified yoga instructor, VCE Master Gardener, and pursuing a dedicated art practice.

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I really ought to write more about #gardening here on Mastodon, so many positive things to discuss about the #ClimateEmergency. That sounds weird. I mean, there are positive things we can do individually & collectively that make a difference: grow edible crops with nature, use native plants & #wildflowers where possible to support #wildlife, create habitat diversity. This is why a #ForestGarden is so good, it ticks all the boxes.

I hope to one day see as many fresh, local, farm-to-market accessible food stores in this town as I see vape shops.

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”Plants don't come with install guides like a new fridge or bike that lead to specific and universal results. It's a leap of faith, setting things in motion and then allowing the plants to be our guide, not the other way around.”

Brilliant post by #Wildflower & #NativePlants gardener Benjamin Vogt


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Verification Badge. Why? 

What is the point of the verification badge next to someone's name here on Mastodon? I thought a visual indication of the artificial hierarchy of human status/importance was for mainstream social media platforms? So that you know you're following the REAL taylor swift or whatever.

I find the bright blue dot randomly splattering my timeline an unnecessary visual disturbance and it throws a yucky vibe that didn't used to be here before bird site imploded.

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It’s never too early to put up a nest box for birds. Before the breeding season in spring, many species find shelter in boxes, roosting safely during the long, cold winter nights. In the absence of natural cavities, these places are literally a lifeline for many birds. Recent nocturnal inspections of over 80 nest boxes on our nature reserve have revealed just how readily birds occupy them at night.

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I like #plants with nice seed heads in #winter and planted quite a lot of them on my allotment. Some of my favourite seed heads at the moment are Echinacea purpurea which will last until the end of winter, Telekia speciosa which look great on cold sunny days, the spiky seed heads of Eryngium such as E. variifolium, and many of the grasses such as Miscanthus sinensis.

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#BigTech billionaires are the oil barons of the 21st century and their impact on #climatechange is no less destructive. This paper should serve as a wake-up call to the climate movement.”

If you're new to , soil health is the smartest place to start learning. Here's a free presentation from the folks at Virginia Tech on basics including characteristics and nutrients.

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Tomato plants are among several plants that can scream 🤯

OK, maybe not scream. But they do make ultrasonic squeals when stressed, for example due to lack of water. Maybe we should treat them with more respect!

Discovered due to some very cool research at Tel Aviv University & one of the best things I learned when writing my latest children's book.

#nature #plants #botany #gardening #farming #SecretWorldofPlants

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Start giving

Although unconditional giving and receiving is a serious matter, it starts with experimenting. Just small gifts or bigs ones and then feeling what is happening with you. When you start giving unconditionally, you create movement. Just experiment and enjoy what is happening around you.

Listen to this fragment of our newest podcast to hear how you can start and how we started ten years ago practicing giving without expectations.

#Giveconomy #Podcast #give

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I don’t think I’ve done an introduction of my css drawings yet. I drew all of these with divs, shadows and gradients. At some point I’ll give each of them their own website, until then they’re here:

The Polaroid one got reposted to Reddit a few years ago, and people got properly angry over the fact I didn’t use svg for those :blobcatgooglytrash:


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There are few soil organisms more wonderful than Pseudoscorpions, it's always a joy to find one when I'm out with my camera!

This stout little murder machine is a compost chernes (Pselaphochernes scorpioides), found on decaying leaves in an open compost heap.

#MacroPhotography #SoilFauna #Pseudoscorpion #Arachnid #MesoFauna #SoilBiodiversity #SoilEcology

I've noticed a lot of interest in around here so I added a page to my site that lists the 12 permaculture principles and a collection of resources including books and videos that I've learned from. I am self taught and still (always) learning and practicing and I enjoy sharing the things that have helped me along the way.

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today im reminding you that being joyful or writing about joy is an act of radical resistance

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Basic bee facts every day at 3pm.


Leafcutters are #solitarybees that do exactly what it says on the tin.

Females cut pieces from leaves to construct separate pods back in the nest for their young.

They won’t destroy your plants and are a privilege to observe if you’re lucky enough to have them in your garden.

‘And softly through the altered air 
Hurries a timid leaf!’ 
- E Dickinson

#bees#bumblebees #beesofmastodon #photography #solitarybees #honeybees #nature

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I love it in here. There's currently a hashtag named #thicktrunktuesday that is basically pics of massive, beautiful trees.
I humbly submit El Tule, an incredible ahuehuete from the state I was born, Oaxaca. It's over 2000 years old. "Tule" means "Tree of Enlightment" #Oaxaca #Mexico #ElTule It has the thickest trunk in the world.

We were recently given this beautiful (1950's-ish, I think?) Japanese machine. It's been serviced and I'm looking forward to giving it a spin.

I'm abandoning this painting because there's no real composition and I'm just not feeling it anymore. However, I love these moody daisies I accidentally created. Such ragged goth little things! I'll revisit them on some other piece where they can own that mood.

If you're following me for the gardening and aren't feeling the art you can filter 🙃

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