Hello Merveilles πŸ‘‹ I've been a big fan of this instance for a long time and I'm honored to join the likes of everyone here.

Much of my time is spent working with plants and animals, preserving harvests, and educating folks on all of these things. I also design and build tools and software alongside @winduptoy at I'm 500-hr certified yoga instructor, VCE Master Gardener, and pursuing a dedicated art practice.

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@tickfoot Hi!
Master Gardener sounds super fancy, did you study botany formally?

@csepp No, not formally - I guess you could say I've studied it out of self-driven passion :) Master Gardener is a volunteer program that started in the US but is now implemented internationally. In the US volunteers work directly with extension agents from land grant universities to help educate and assist the public with horticultural care. I don't know what the program was like 25 years ago but today there is an emphasis on community, sustainability, and habitat preservation and regeneration.

@tickfoot @winduptoy it'll be lovely to see you greening up the place :) welcome!

@tickfoot @winduptoy welcome!! :) always nice to have more people working with their hands here

@tickfoot @winduptoy Hey there, welcome to town! It's wonderful to see more people with an off-screen focus. :merveilles:

@tickfoot aw yeah! Welcome to the Town! We're delighted to have you here at last 😊

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