The main thing I took away from this (and @tickfoot please correct me if I'm wrong or oversimplifying) is that growing enough food to cover much of a family's needs is easier than you think, but growing enough food to make money from the endeavor is harder than you think.

@mycorrhiza yes, that is what our experience led us to believe. It's a really deep topic, but I have come to understand, through our experience and the experiences of neighboring small farms, that providing local organic food to the community cannot be done when the consumer holds small farms to the same standards as what's available at a store (cheap, out of season, what they want when they want it). Consumer expectation and general behavior is going to have to shift in a major way.


@mycorrhiza For now, I think to succeed you'd have to partner with other small farms to make the supply larger and therefore more appealing (while also maintaining a full-time job, in order to survive), or to instead inspire and teach folks to grow for themselves, which is what I feel most passionate about. I do not see how the current system can last as it stands and therefore learning to grow for yourself is a very wise investment.

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