In our growing zone we have to plant fall crops right at the hottest point in the season, otherwise there's just not enough growing time before the first frost. I'm always in awe that these cool- weather loving plants just push onward (and upward, as it were). Despite the persistent heat, I can feel the edges of autumn pushing closer and closer and I'm grateful for the coming change in culinary delights.

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@tickfoot Our kohlrabi died a sad death this year, alongside our parsnips and beetroot. Alas!

@flatmountain @tickfoot :Some of my favorites too. Damn :/. Glad some of your other plants are thriving though!

@rek @tickfoot Yeah it' was pretty shit, those poor little ones! We had minus degrees and frosts until quite late in the Spring, then we were really been hammered by the heatwaves and drought. Barely enough water to go around. Quite a few plants didn't make it :(

Got plenty of ideas for mitigating this in the future though. And luckily we're getting gifted a lot of veg to make up for our losses.

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