I brushed up against one of these mini monsters last night (Saddleback Caterpillar) and my goodness did it hurt! I got lucky and didn't have a stinger break off in my skin. Going back out there this morning I see that there are loads of them all over the corn; I have no idea how we'll safely harvest it. This is the reality of organic gardening - it's not all cute bumblebees and friendly praying mantis 😅

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@tickfoot At least the little guy has a hi-vis vest on to warn people!

@jbauer @tickfoot I was just thinking how much this looks like those coyote vests chihuahuas wear in California

@tickfoot they are just a caterpillars and they become beautiful butterflies😀 inaturalist

@raimondaslapinskas Yes, they are. But as a caterpillar they deliver a toxic super painful sting, so one must be careful when working around them.

@tickfoot wow, that looks vicious. I guess you'll have to give the corn a good shake before harvesting?

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