I believe these three images are all insects in the Coreidae family. Leaf-footed nymphs and I'm not sure exactly what the two adults are. If there's any enthusiasts in the Fedi feel free to ID.

Not pictured are at least 5 spider webs large enough to catch me; I hear spiders enjoy a tasty Coreidae so they're in the right place.

So much action happens in the when we're not out there pretending we're in charge of it 😆

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@tickfoot I wonder if there's a page like, but for insects. Results are instant and usually accurate, in my experience.

I've never used inaturalist. I wonder if it has instant results or just works by peer interaction. It looks like there's an IOS app called 'picture insect', but I'd like to find a site instead of an app.

@paulrr yeah, I actually tried Seek by iNaturalist but it couldn't ID either of them down to species.

The bottom two - I believe are what we generally call "stink bugs".

@mike yes, same family but they look slightly different than what I'm used to being a stink bug.

They kinda look like what we call squash bugs around here

@whistlewright yeah, same family but squash bugs have a distinct coloration pattern; at least as far as what I've seen here in our garden.

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