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Hello, nice to meet you!

My name is Tingyi, and I'm a yoga practioner, an art psychotherapist, and a lover of cooking and travel. I live and work in London, UK, originally from Taiwan.

I value the power of compassion, kindness, and forgiveness.

At the moment I am planning and preparing to launch my own tiny private practice space (I welcome collaborations in art, design, etc!). You can check out my website for more information:

Happy to be here 👋🌱

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Finally, spring. It feels like we are slowly starting to come out of the long winter — the sun is out more often, and that glum London chill is starting to slowly lift. Something inside is stirring and shifting as well, reaching towards the warmth, more willing to take risks, be vulnerable, and ask for help.

After what feels like a lifetime of winter — with a whole lot of love, struggle, support, and hard work — finally, spring.

Thank you, @Tingyi ❤️🌻

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@gueorgui @Tingyi That's a very nice, reassuring and informative website you've done here. Congrats to both of you! :tealheart:

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Hey Fediverse: what kind of hardware do people recommend to do video editing, especially on Apple platforms? How important is the GPU? Is an iMac always a better choice than a laptop? What are the pros and cons of each?

Thursday evening reflection: You are my hardest lesson and my most fruitful blessing. With @gueorgui 🍷🌛

And he’ll say, I’ll be okay because I’m fundamentally adorable. Not that he remembers people praising him for all kinds of stuff as a little kid, but those experiences become part of his perception of himself.

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I always enjoy to see that kids get so much admiration and so much piling up of adoration. It’s good for that kid because that kid is going to grow up, and he is going to flunk courses, not get the job that he wants, and he is going to have girls reject him or boys reject or whatever. He is going to get hurt. Because everybody gets hurt in life. But when he gets hurt later on in life, that feeling of I’m fundamentally an adorable kid will stay with him and he’ll say,..

It’s interesting that since we have known this for 130 years and people talk about trauma it is still not central to their understanding.

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Frenchman Pierre Janet told us that it’s absolutely true that trauma overwhelms people. It’s too much and people cannot put it together. It gets fragmented and doesn’t become a story about something that’s happened a long time ago but pieces of the experience keep coming back as intense emotions, as flashbacks, images, body sensations and certain behaviours. So the memory gets replayed, gets relives. It doesn’t get remembered as a part of the past, it’s happening right now.

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Today again @Tingyi is running an art therapy session on Zoom from 15:00-16:00 London time. As before, no art-making skills or experience required, everyone is welcome. Come take some time for yourself in this crazy world of ours!

Zoom ID: 276 049 7148
Password: 518055

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We took a very rare tube ride* last Friday and by total chance were on the train where Banksy made this artwork... it’s now apparently gone.

*we wore masks, of course

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Cycled to the park for a picnic with a friend. Finally got to use my super packable picnic blanket! @Tingyi

Dressed up with @gueorgui for Alice Sara Ott’s Nightfall concert🎹💓and watched it .. at home on our iPad! Thanks to the pandemic that saved us the tickets to Berlin and the accommodation😅

Lost and found; rupture and repair.

I had a slow walk with @gueorgui last week. It’s been awhile because of the lockdown, and it felt good! I wonder if the lockdown allows us to see the world from a rather humble perspective😉

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