Found this pretty cool ASCII flowchart creator and used it to add a flowchart to a commit message :-)

I've been listening to a lot of electronic music on internet radio stations lately, so I compiled a small directory of my favorites:

I'm a bit sad that doesn't seem to be as important to folks as it used to be, earlier on on the internet. Looks like if I want to have a scrobbler, I'll have to write one myself!

Slight chuckle this morning at the Pinboard API documentation:

> All API methods are GET requests, even when good REST habits suggest they should use a different verb.

I've decided to migrate my notes/wiki page to use Zola just because I don't want to write an RSS generator for the old version by hand!

I have finally upgraded to Big Sur. It's fine. Everything is round.

It's here! The whole delivery of the server + its rails weighed 82 lbs (37 kg)! It's way too loud! I found a place for it: leaning precariously against a couch in the office! Installing Ubuntu server now after a few false starts!

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I'm getting a second-hand server but I had no clue that finding out how I'm going to rack it in my apartment was going to be so difficult

Because I regularly use macOS's shortcut for the "…" glyph (HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS) (⌥ + ;), I always type it when I actually mean to type the object spread operator (three periods, "...")

Tunng are quickly becoming my favorite band. I spent some time with their catalog about a decade ago, but since their newest record, I find myself wanting them to be the soundtrack to what I'm doing more and more...

And dang, these live performances are stellar!

I've started leaving my phone in another room at night and setting a watch alarm to wake up in the morning. Highly recommend.

Gorgeous views on The Lot Radio's rebroadcrast of Human Pitch and Tristan Arp, with the camera pointed outside to this wintery mix in New York that's slowly turning into regular snow

C'mon, Mailgun, please don't send a push notification to my phone which reads "We're meeting in 10 minutes"

It looks like WIRED's Android app is just a wrapper for their website, while their iOS app is a remediated representation of the print magazine. Hence the horrible reviews on Android and the surprisingly good reviews on iOS!

I feel so much happier when I use my free time to read novels. Part of that is working on a novel I look forward to reading, but another side of it is having the habit to pick up the book instead of something else in my downtime.

I'm attempting to change an email organization pattern I've used for a while, going from "lack of a seen flag means message is unactioned" to "message being in Inbox mailbox means it's unactioned, lack of a seen flag just means I haven't seen it"

Please wish me luck.

Just now realized that my personal task tracking system doesn't actually need to keep a history of the tasks I've gotten done. Like everything else, it doesn't need to be complicated, it just needs to work!

After a few days of slowly poking at it, I think I've set up my irssi config well enough that I can fully move away from Limechat… and now have scrollback when I step away. 😀

Happy void day!

Was it someone here that recommended Hyperland? Just watched this amazing "fantasy documentary" about what the future of hypertext might look like, by Douglas Adams, released in 1990

twitter, advent of code 

I have essentially replaced my morning "stare at Twitter for half an hour" routine with solving Advent of Code, and I never want to go back!

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