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Lately I've found myself naturally falling into a cycle of filling up my list of articles to read during the weekday, and then emptying the stack on the weekend… and I don't like this, because it means I don't do as much fun reading during the week!

There's always something so exciting about finishing a journal. Tomorrow's the last day of this one — I'm really looking forward to putting this one on the shelf and picking up the next one.

My friend's Advent of Code day 1 solution in rust is 100 times faster than my js solution. 😂

"Mastodon" matches a global, case-insensitive search for "TODO" 😬

One of my goals for this journal redesign is to try to engage more with the adjacent technology+literature community, but I have no idea where to get started or where to host these conversations.

I might try to create a Discord server? But it doesn't seem like any existing conceptual "platform" is a good fit.

I'm trying to organize thoughts on my wiki about this, but not making a lot of progress!

Made a lot of progress today converting the journal I work on to WordPress. I'm certainly having to make some concessions, but I do think it's going to be worth it so that the other editors can edit and manage content more easily.

Now reading Design for Cognitive Bias by David Dylan Thomas — good perspective on, well, perspective, among other things! Highly recommend it so far.

I didn't set up a site in the right order and certbot failed to correctly look up a domain too many times and now I'm rate limited and I have to wait an hour 😦

Working on a static site generator to just let some notes in markdown live somewhere publicly accessible.

I feel so bad for whichever engineers caused and whichever engineers are handling this YouTube outage, that's gotta be stressful

I'm going to try using Feedbin's PWA on desktop as well — Reeder is great, but I don't think I'm going to upgrade to version 5

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Returned a wallet to someone today:

• found their facebook
• sent them a message, which went to their "message requests" inbox
• failed to correctly guess their university email address
• found some relatives who liked their facebook profile images
• found an email on the second try, asked them to pass along the "check your message requests" message
• wallet owner got in touch almost immediately, successfully arranged a drop-off

Anki and email and RSS and a journal … sometimes it feels like I have too many things to stay on top of every day!

Here's one more, best if viewed while listening to The White Stripes:

👋🏻 I'm Joe. I'm a software developer in Philadelphia, PA. I'm also an editor at a literary journal, hobbyist photographer, and musician (though that last one increasingly infrequently).

I'm glad to be here! Nice to meet you all.


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