Just a neat little thing that makes working with aperture slightly more intuitive.

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This is extra convenient (aka well designed) because that means you can go up an f-stop, and double your exposure time, to get the same total exposure / amount of light, but with a different depth of field. Similarly for halving/doubling ISO values.

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Something neat I was reminded of when reading this note about aperture on @slisne's page (bismuth.garden/aperture):
The f-numbers in photography have "weird" values (1.4, 2, 2.8, ...) because the thing you want to control is how much light is let through, which is proportional to the aperture area, but the f-number is proportional to the aperture diameter/radius. f-numbers increase by factors of √2 so that the aperture area increases by a factor of 2 for each step, since area ~ radius².

If you are like me and like Neon Genesis Evangelion and pins, this is a kickstarter for pins of each of the angels.

Here's a before/after comparison of this process. Works well if the sent isn't too deep, and if the wood fibers haven't been broken.

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To explain, ironing a damp cloth on wood produces steam that can remove dents - it proved very effective in this case!
Didn't really check the state of the board when I bought it, so it needs some fixing before I use it for a shelf.

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This is everything that seemed usable lined up, currently out to dry after the cleaning.

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I got some wood from an old picnic bench that someone was giving away for free, and I'm slowly working in getting it ready for use.
So far I've taken out the rotten sections, and scrubbed them all down.
Using salvaged wood definitely takes work, but it's enjoyable. And it feels good to turn what's otherwise trash into something new and useful.

Slightly belated, the September calendar image!
If I were to make a Baths cover album, this would be the album art for it.

And it's August already :o
Here's a calendar image to mark the occasion.
This was taken on a walk through Highbury & Islington in London, the area that I lived in for half of my time at university. I like to go back sometimes to feel a little nostalgic, and see how it has changed.

Reminder: Springer has released a lot of digital textbooks for free in the last few months, and their special offer is ending on July 31st. There is no need to sign up to download the PDF and ePub files.

This lovely page has the full list of available titles: hnarayanan.github.io/springer-

They took down some scaffolding on my flat block recently, and I took it as an opportunity to do some photography out of the window :)

Sort of didn't notice that July started.
Here's the slightly belated calendar image for it :)

I should really just finish reading the design of everyday things shouldn't I...

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Having gotten into woodworking recently, I've been thinking a bit about applications and interfaces.
A physical tool, at least simpler ones, have all their functional parts visible at all times. You can make guesses about how to use it just by looking at it.
Computer programs on the other hand don't allow you to use the same sort of physical intuition to figure them out. Options and actions are hidden behind key presses or menus.

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Having a single-purpose device turns out to be quite freeing.
Taking notes is associated with a specific physical object (the keyboard for it). Context switching to that task feels more intentional because I have to focus on a different screen, grab a different keyboard, etc.

Plus, since it's always on there's no logging in, opening programs etc to do something, there's fewer barriers to action.

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I've been setting up a raspberry pi as a text-only, always-on "sidecar" station to access my personal notes and project tasks.
All notes are text files, synced with Syncthing to my laptop & phone.
Also hooked up my MP3 player as storage for my music library (soon to be replaced by a usb drive), with cmus running in a second session.
(Pi/MP3 player is usually hidden behind the screen)

Still has some features to go, but trying to do the simplest necessary thing possible.

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