Just saw an article mention "public bookhalls" that exist in Hamburg. I got excited for a moment, thinking what a cool place that must be - until I realised that it's just describing a library.
Funny how a different description can shake up your perception of an everyday concept. Also made me realise what an amazing institution libraries really are.
Just a little sad that this is probably the worst time to want to go to libraries (:

I knew reality had gotten pretty cyberpunk, but this image really illustrates it powerfully. (source: thedorkweb.substack.com/p/tale )

@gaeel welcome back :) sad to hear your previous instance imploded. Also that explains why your website was throwing 404 on Friday - tried to tell you here without realising it's running on the same server :D

And I figured it's nicer to post each month's image at the start of the month, so here's the one for March.
This one's also at the Barbican, one of the residential towers. The original photo is in portrait format which shows even more how the whole tower is just these balconies, repeated 40-ish times. I love how the weathered concrete creates some variation in the regularity.

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February's calendar image. This was taken in the Barbican Observatory in London, a beautiful place of brutalist architecture overgrowing with plants, and a big collection of cacti and succulents.

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Conceptually, this is not complicated. it's literally a few clicks + copy/paste. But if I were to implement this in any programming language, I'd have to deal with learning various libraries, handling edge cases I'd never run into, etc etc. It'd take 10x longer than just doing it manually.

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Every once in a while I feel sad about the state of computer automation for personal use. In this case I wanted to download a bunch of embedded videos from a patreon feed. Had to go through and manuall extract the url for each video, then do this whole dance with running the download program command on each url.

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Intended use: Use an arcane scripting language to run the same command lots of times with different arguments.

My actual use: Duplicate the command in a text file, multi-edit each instance to have different arguments, run `sh commands.sh`

For any German speakers on here: Tatortreiniger seems to have arrived on Netflix (or maybe it has only been recommended to me now), and it is excellent.
Great dry humor, but with genuinely heartfelt topics and conversations throughout.

And then there's the absolute fucking genious that is Pete Davis

Invalids - Sherwood is Connector
Genre: Mathrock

I've been trying to write lyrics for a song recently, so I've now come back to a bunch of songs with lyrics for inspiration and appreciate them even more.

My least favourite detail about this photo is that it makes me realise how I don't really like the bokeh that my current lens produces. I can't quite pinpoint it, but it has a weird pattern to it. I'd want something smoother that doesn't grab unwanted attention.

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