I love those moments when you find a new piece of music and it just overwhelms you with the intensity of emotion it evokes right on the first listen.

This track just did that for me.


For anyone more experienced in making music, do you actually understand what makes up a sound eventually? Right now I seem to mostly just stumble across nice things at random.

Played around with Ableton again last night, and it continues to be totally enthralling to learn and try to get sounds I like.
I don't really know what I'm doing still but I'm quite happy with this lead sound.

Learned some orca from @Lutrinus 👌
(I was Mac demo person btw, forgot to mention :D)

dev log # 8 is up


See the luxe editor in action, 2018 goals vs outcomes, a c#/c++/wren test, some web samples and much more.

p.s show luxe to your friends.

p.p.s join the luxe discord for live dev news discord.gg/5Q8rGZ7

A figure found in "Laplace-Beltrami Eigenfunctions: Towards an algorithm that “understands” geometry" (link: alice.loria.fr/publications/pa)

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