To give context, for a long time I've been thinking about finding a new general internet handle (hence my quite literally temporary name here), potentially to be used for a website as well.

How do you folks go about choosing names?

How did you pick your handle? (especially if it's not a derivative of your real name)

How do you choose names for projects, websites, or other presences you have?
If you have separate names for separate presences (e.g. a distinct artist name for music output), why did you separate them?

Where do you look for inspiration for names, if you do at all?

Once that is done I'll probably take the time to make this public on github. It's very much tailored to my needs, but maybe it'll be useful to others, you never know.

In the last few days I've also added a per-image rating system, which is shown by the 3 lines in the bottom right.
These are abstract, but for me these represent 'Definitely worth editing' (highest), 'Maybe worth editing, review again later' (medium) or 'Uninteresting' (low).
They're already saved to a file, and soon I'll also add a way to only view images with a given rating, so I can quickly see which ones I liked and want to work with further.

So to fix that, Fotoleine only shows the jpg images in a folder, and also loads upcoming images in background threads, so if I don't skip ahead too fast, I don't notice the load times at all :)

My original motivation for this tool was to make reviewing my photos more convenient. In the file browser, I have to skip every other file, since I have my camera save a jpg + a raw. Additionally, since they're on an big and on an external hard drive, each image takes about a second to load, so going through is super sluggish.

For the past few weeks, I've been working on Fotoleine, a photo viewer tool, which I haven't talked about much.
But I figured I'd post a little demo, since it's getting close to completion for my purposes.

"For Mike the crackup of Atlantis has always held an odd fascination, probably because he's afraid that man will do it again, now that he's rediscovered nuclear energy."
(from 'E for Effort' by T. L. Sherred)

Taught a friend Tak today. (
It's always amazing how quickly new players pick up the rules, and how you can the observe growing understanding in each successive game.

Also got the chance to use my new camera to take some shots of my custom playset. Though it has its flaws, I'm still very proud of how it came out.

Just ran my first session of the Blades in the Dark TTRPG (
As is custom with these games, things didn't really go like I expected them to, but I think I still managed to make it a fun session for everyone involved.
It demanded a lot of spontaneous creativity, which was challenging, and I'm noticing now how draining 3 hours of talking and imagining can be. Still, hoping that I can do another session soon!

I'm wondering whether this instance could use a tag specifically for photography.
is already taken..

Thoughts / Ideas?

(cc @neauoire @somnius)

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