Hi everyone!
I'm Tilman, and I'm currently studying Computer Science in London, UK.
I'm mostly a programmer, with my focus in games, but I'm exploring other interests as well, like music, woodworking, or whatever else catches my attention at the moment.

Excited to be here, and to see what everyone else is up to!

welcome @tmpvoid! looking forward to seeing what you're working on

@tmpvoid Welcome welcome! I’m also a gamedev! Nice to meet you.

@neci Hello! Do you have anything currently in the works?

@tmpvoid I do! I’m working on an interactive novella called baby anna. I’m hoping to have a first draft ready by the Spring Thing deadline. What about you?

@neci Oh sounds neat! I'm finishing up my degree, so I'm sadly too occupied with that to work on any personal projects. I'm hoping to get back into it in a few months though!

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