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This is the kind of literature interpretation Death of the Author is ultimately for, but I wish we'd framed it more around reader sovereignty which was part of Barthes' original essay.

I don't think I've fully realised why Catullus' fifth poem stuck with me so much, but it's because it fully, perfectly reads as an anthem of lesbian love despite being written by a man for his female lover. Unlike other reinterpretations like this, it's not remotely even a stretch.

Let us live, my Lesbia, and let us love
and value the the rumors of more severe old men at only a penny!

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I love all programming languages. all of them. I love that they exist. I love that they're good at some things, bad at others. I love going over their designs, intentions, and outcomes - and seeing how well they landed with regards to their goals. I love reading their goals. I love seeing history, evolution, and stagnation. I love all of it, and I love using them under their intended mental space. I love using them for things they weren't made for.

It's really frustrating that programming /

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I'm so excited about these little leafy friends! They're a rare local variation of lettuce that's cut-and-come-again and also their root is supposed to be edible and similar to asparagus.

[Image: A variety of pots with tiny, green leaves sticking out of the soil]

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I've been looking at the new Humble Bundle that has a bunch of advice literature for writers, and I just cannot stand that around 80% of writing advice seems to center on selling your work and the rest is on how to be more productive.

I get it, capitalism is inescapable and we all have to eat, but I'm really taken aback every time I'm looking for a creative connection in these spaces and then I get something like "don't have typos in your query letter"

I think, maybe... There's just not enough problem solving involved in the thing I'm making right now, and this is the problem my mind turns to.

On one hand, I am absolutely annoyed by artists whose expectation is for their art to last forever, on the other hand I can't stop thinking about preservation issues every time I come up with a new project. How can I write it so it works without images? How can I design games that work as physical games too?

I just want to make the art I enjoy making and I don't know what that is anymore.

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I have to display the birthplaces of of a bunch of people on a map for an university project, which involves manually searching them on wikipedia and entering birthplace name and coordinates on a spreadsheet. My professor just informed me that I should do more than the 60 members I've already looked up, so now I've decided to try to automate the data entry, can't be that hard, right? (Dunning Krugering it up here)

I few weeks ago I watched an interview with one of the representatives for the Notre Dame, and she said they were going to rebuild it exactly as it was, and would "certainly not add new stuff". She said it in such an incredibly dismissive tone and I just wondered, why not? Why NOT?

I guess that is how we'll add ourselves to this collaborative artwork of generations. It'll say a lot about our age.

Sometimes doing web dev is learning about 5 different solutions to your problem, testing them, then realising they're currently Chrome only.

I guess, I'll just uh, won't have fonts then

I signed up for a cyanotype course and a wild herbs gathering hike at the local community center, which is super exciting! I might also attend one of the knitting meetings and talk to some old ladies, probably.

Sometimes it makes me sad how fluent I've become in English, because I could have been raised bilingual. I see how easily and naturally English slotted into my brain and get sad that this space could've, *should've* belonged to Kurdish, if world history and personal history had shook out differently.

I keep getting youtube prerolls that try to aggressively shame me into learning German, and I got some bad news for the ad department:

Despite people saying my German is so bad it couldn't be from a native speaker, I am in fact a native German speaker, not even been raised bilingual.

(I consider myself bilingual in English and German because of how my brain works now, but I didn't start learning it in my teens)

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