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using a computer = programming the computer

the languages and interfaces someone uses might not be *cool haker babble* but they're still what you use to define what the computer should do

don't let the "tech is hard" meme fool you into thinking you don't know computers

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Friends, I've just released a small tabletop heist and decoration game where you play as a family of tiny borrowers in a big human house.

Its played in a physical home, with the real objects that are there, and (though its got a cute vibe) pokes at issues of collection, preciousness, and resources- and how those lines split differently for different people.

Go on borrowing missions! Build your nest! Don't get caught!

Junk Nest City is pay what you want over on itch ~

I have a weird habit of finding what would be a very depressing thought for other people very comforting. Today it's "you don't have to try to be bad, you're already bad!"
Phew, what a relief.

There's a lot of truly ridiculous things coming out in this age of people bleeping words to escape youtube's demonitization filters, but none are so on the nose as this video about how soviet composer Shostakovich snuck things by the censorship boards having to bleep the words Stalin, nazis and anti-semitism.

All I want to do is to write one of those books that the book youtubers that I keep getting recommended but never watch read and obviously hate

I'd write a novel about this distinguished but passionate and artistic french vintner and a jolly little PI who keeps getting distracted by his pudgy dog wanting treats investigating a multimillion dollar wine forgery operation tied to an unsolved bank robbery in indonesia, if that wasn't a real documentary I just watched.

(The final layer to this is that Lithuania isn't even eastern european, not geographically or by official UN definitions)

I was watching a youtube video where someone was trying to name eastern european actors and came up with "Nikolaj Coster-Waldau" and "Alexander Skarsgård" and then tried to "well technically" themselves in the comments, and it reminds me of this Eurovision entry which explains the context and complex cultural meaning of European region labels pretty well:

Art is fun I promise

[Desk covered in several near-identical renderings of the exact same drawing, a woman getting spooked by a wasp and dropping her teacup]

I've been reading a lot of history/historical fiction featuring people obsessed with marrying into the nobility lately and I've been thinking about how parts of my family have been obsessed with the same thing, and how it finally happened when someone from the disgraced and cut-off branch (because bad marriage choices and wild) married a yoga instructor at 40. Now that's a fairy tale story.

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I'm taking an illustration class that's 8 hours every day for a week and for some reason, I decided to commit to drawing insects all week.

I've just been filling papers with wasps spiders, flies and ants all day

Who have I become

Spiderman Far From Home Spoilers 

I wanted code my JS so it would always work as local files without a server, but that seems to be mutually exclusive with also not wanting to cram everything in a single file and having to generate a lot of html through JS (because of CORS), so I'm kind of at square one regarding the architecture of this game. Still hoping I come up with some ingenius solution but... It doesn't look like it.

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So I cast off my 2018 temperature blanket on Jan 1st and I am so pleased with how it turned out. I knit one garter stitch row every day for 365 days based on the daily high temp for my city. It was a very rewarding project. #knitting

I just want to say, as a person who has done a lot of research into historical names, GRRM having a stoic military man naming one of his sons "Dickon Tarly" is the most historically accurate thing in all of his novels.

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Here is a long thread on keeping moss as a houseplant that I pulled off my twitter, wrapped up as a blog post - so now you can read about practical moss gardening without having to visit that website :>

To me it was a major creative renewal when I allowed myself to use my surrounding in writing the same way a painter uses references and models, and something that wasn't obvious to me for a long time. It's something increasingly common in visual arts as well, but writing communities are really reluctant to admit they're taking direct inspiration and reference from their surroundings.

While I was in Edinburgh I did a bunch of JK Rowling-related tourist activities, and I thought about the oft maligned question of "where do you get your inspiration?".
Maybe that's all people want from that question, a small tidbit of where they can see a glimmer of the stories they love in real life.

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For years I saw this car in my neighborhood, assuming its owner simply attached some pre-printed ornamental foil.

Then one day recently, I saw this young lady squatting in front of it, edding marker in hand, carefully adding line for line.

And I realized: the whole sprawling floral madness of sea-horses, algae and jellyfish is completely handmade!

Kudos, unknown neighbor – this is what determination looks like.


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