"Understanding Comics" should be recommended reading in high school art class tbh. It certainly taught me more about art in general than some of my teachers.

Czas się przedstawić: nazywam się Paulina Matysiak. Jestem posłanką IX kadencji Sejmu, członkinią Zarządu Krajowego Lewicy Razem. Jestem wiceprzewodniczącą Komisji Polityki Senioralnej, pracuję w Komisji Łączności z Polakami za Granicą, przewodniczę Zespołowi ds. Walki z Wykluczeniem Transportowym. Pochodzę z Kutna, wcześniej pracowałam w Bibliotece Uniwersyteckiej w Toruniu, a potem w urzędzie. Uwielbiam czytać książki, pisać piórem (lewą ręką!) i kolekcjonować atramenty.


rewatched Porco Rosso, enjoyed it even more than the first time - it's quite subtle movie, even by Miyazaki's standards. i feel like rewatching the rest of Ghibli catalog this year and see how my tastes/values changed over the years

Does anyone know of any offline FOSS that creates image/mood boards from a directory of images?

Defending my bachelor thesis on Mastodon tomorrow, finally

Any game art producers on Fedi? i'm looking for resources/cases describing asset development schedules, priorities and coordination between different teams

All labels: Young Dream, Flomo®, KP-250 G, FL-250-71C (on the side.)

the only thing i found so far is a listing from the same series: kupindo.com/Ostalo/41983257_Sk

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Found a vintage Flomo pencil case - it seems to be licensed. Can you recognize the artist?

Android users, can you recommend me a picture gallery app? Been using Legacy Quickpic since 2012 until it suddenly started corrupting previews and images.

Tried Leafpic and Gallery Pro, but they're unbearably slow when moving stuff around the folders - speed's a priority

my Advent of Code so far is 20% thinking about a solution, 80% trying to recall python syntax

Looks like 'Reduce' part of the mantra is conveniently omitted the newest IKEA catalogue

The legend of Pan Twardowski, this Polish folklore tale shares parallels to the story of Faust.
Pan, a sorcerer makes a deal with the Devil, sells his soul for unique powers akin to necromancy which leads Pan to a tragic finish.
Drawing by Michał Elwiro Andriolli

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