let's use it as an excuse to post this nice panel from Hakumei to Mikochi

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Preparing for the 10 day walking pilgrimage from Warsaw to Częstochowa... estimate 300km. i do this every three years and i hope my body is still in shape to make it through

by the way, Phil Dragash' audiobooks are really impressive with one narrator doing all the voices. the movie soundscapes may imprint the actors' faces in your mind, but for me after a while each character grew distinct from any adaptation.

and they're available on archive.org !

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for the last few weeks i've been listening to LoTR audiobooks and today the chapter about Treebeard and Ents resonated with me deeply - i did not expect to cry over fate of the trees

when i had first read the trilogy back in middle school i missed most of the nuance and stayed for the cool fights and stuff, but that's fine. yet i'm glad i've grown in empathy in some ways

Because this summer's getting dangerous, and disasters caused by human-made climate change will only get more frequent, I collaborated with some folx from the US to make a basic first aid zine for your emergency first aid kit.

actually, the intro video sets the theme and aesthetics pretty well without major spoilers


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just found out Jon Bois' '17776' aka 'What Football Will Look Like in the Future' got a sequel a few years back, excited to read/watch/ponder it! The original is one of the most unique speculative science fiction stories i've ever read, but to say anything about it aside from the name would spoil the experience. Let's just say i don't care about sports at all yet the narrative captivated me from start to finish


first day of a trip to Sweden! visited Ale's Stones, an imposing stone ship formation.

i see a megalith, i am content

wait i can just put URL into my music player and listen to online radios directly without using their shitty web players? how did i not notice

I saved this paper called Anticipatory Procrastination some time ago without taking a look inside and thinking it's an actual paper, now i'm having a laugh seeing its contents


Togashi quietly coming back from hiatus is not something i expected

a spellbook where each spell has a long personal story with it like recipe blog

Going to visit Sweden in June, first time abroad in a while

"Asa'pili is a constructed language (...) intended to explain concepts for a sustainable future in an original way."


In an effort to reduce misinformation on the net, I have inadvertently added to it. ↯86JAN

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