i've been waiting exactly half of my life for next half-life and there it is

starting daily journal 5 years ago was quite a turning point - i realized i hardly remember day-to-day life before that, only selected events, difficult to pin on a calendar

keep your backups and watch out for unwanted data corruption in your minds!

elementaryos looks great straight after install, huh

Diablo IV actually looking like a proper D2 sequel, huh

Professor approved topic of federated/decentralized social media for my thesis, now to narrow down the subject... overview of underlying tech? reasons for migrations from centralized SM?Tetrads-style comparative analysis?


fundraiser for Might and Delight's newest game has launched! it's a not-massive online roleplaying game about exploring at comfortable pace, tying knots and drinking tea. i'm veeery excited about this

oh right, more comics about running a cafe in the aftermath of climate collapse

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