do you know any interesting papers or research notes on Mastodon? so far for my paper i'm sourcing

'Mastodon Content Warnings'


'Challenges in the Decentralised Web: The Mastodon Case'

@neauoire @tomasteck on mastodon in particular, or some facet of it?

i think this rfc could be interesting to read, on why some protocols succeed while others don't

also tagging @rra as he might have something in his article hoard :3

@cblgh @neauoire @tomasteck

There is not terribly much written specifically on the Fediverse and Mastodon yet. 'Building a Better Twitter' by @robertwgehl looks in detail into quitter & gnu social. 'The Case for Alternative Social Media' is probably also useful. He might have other refs as well?

I've co-authored this with @320x200:

Do note that the content warning paper has serious shortcomings, the authors didn't take in to account the rich and diverse uses of CW at all and also released a large dataset of posts that have not been properly anonymized prior to publication. More info:

@rra thank you for the resources! i'm mostly using the CW paper to describe the feature itself

@tomasteck Be careful though, it is exactly the description of the CW feature that the authors didn't get right. Here is some more context:

@rra @cblgh @neauoire @tomasteck @320x200

Hi, all -- I have a forthcoming, co-authored paper on Mastodon that should be out... someday. I don't know if it will help much if you're familiar with Mastodon -- it's written more for people who are not. I will look into sharing a pre-print (I'm not first author and do not want to presume)

@rra @cblgh @neauoire @tomasteck @320x200

Hi, all -- here's a draft of our paper. It's supposed to come out with New Media and Society, but probably not for a while due to the pandemic. I hope you like it!

@cblgh @neauoire @rra
Thanks! It's a Bachelor thesis and there's barely any published research about decentralized media in Poland, so instead of delving deep into something specific i'm kinda broadly describing Mastodon as a growing alternative to social media's Big Four, highlighting its features such as instancing, moderation, privacy options and managing sensitive content.

Also gonna run a survey on social media habits and migrations to mastodon soon, hopefully i'll get some responses :v

@tomasteck @neauoire @rra ssb has a peer-reviewed paper out

this paper on pushpin, a p2p collaborative moodboarding software, came out in the past month

which also builds on their previous submission of local-first software,

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