AoC Day 8 

Today's challenge was the most entertaining so far, with multiple valid solutions! For every line you could bruteforce the 7 digit cipher, deduce it step-by-step of skip deciphering altogether if you find the 'secret' rule.

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AoC Day 8 

@tomasteck :o could you give me a hint of what's this "secret" rule about?

AoC Day 8 

@sejo Each 'word' that makes up a single digit can be uniquely identified by the count of each occurence of the characters that make it up.

This is because each 'left side' of the line has all 10 'words', so the character count is the same, just mixed up because of the ciphers.

From this and example solutions, you can figure out these identifiers and bypass the need to solve the cipher.

AoC Day 8 

@tomasteck ooh this sounds great! will try it tomorrow, thanks! :)

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