Philosophers hate him! Local techbro solves ethics with this one weird trick

@tomasteck Wow. Just wow. You wouldn’t happen to have a link to the article would you?

@aral @tomasteck it's telling, isn't it, how those coinbros only consider the capitalist, corporate side of any technology?

"Web Two" for them clearly is Google. Say, Wikipedia -- the *poster child* of Web 2.0 -- is just erased, doesn't exist in their narrative.

Just wow.

@aral Haven't read the whole thing yet but I want to point out Graeber's underlying concept was about more than 'socially useless jobs'. His ideation also involved the concept that... wait for it... the higher the income the less socially useful it is. A starbucks barista has more social worth than a CEO for example. @tomasteck

@Moon Read Asimov's fictional work on how easy it is to write an algorithm for morals. He starts with a simple base and then spends decades criticizing it and then criticizing the solution that came from the earlier criticism.

@Moon @clacke @tomasteck I think the potential for transparency is a nice positive for DAO like orgs. hopefully makes some types of corruption very difficult. tools for addressing known issues. easily modified to address changing circumstances. to understand each other.. common logical language somehow.

** Evil is what I say it is... and evil is not giving me all your info to sell to the gov and anyone that pays me enough.. also let's promote virtual ownership we can revoke at anytime if you do anything to harm my grift. - love Big Tech

@tomasteck Ah yeah, good ol' '--no-allow-evil' gcc flag. Never forget that one.

@lertsenem @tomasteck well this is a web thing so I'm guessing it's an npm import :blobconfused:

@tomasteck the trick is the logic is intuitionistic, so web 3 can still be not not not good.

@tomasteck This has to be one of the worst takes in the history of bad takes. :possum_cursing:

@tomasteck he used google as a reference of morality.

That explains everything.


This is what happens when people don't read their Asimov.

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