@neauoire @tomasteck @rek oh my god, i tried to do this a few months ago but didn't have the uxntal coding chops to make much progress...

an uxn port of bitsy would be fucking great, i've found so many good games made with it ^_^

@detondev @tomasteck @rek I've started looking into it. It will be fairly easy I think :D

@calutron @detondev @tomasteck @rek send it over, I'll use it to port the emulator from javascript :)


@calutron @detondev @tomasteck @rek sadly, the more I learn about Bitsy, the less I think it's a platform that could exist outside of Javascript and the modern web browsers.. It looks really low-tech, but under the hood it's very heavy.

@neauoire @detondev @tomasteck @rek Same idea, but with Hypercard? Your slide presentation app is almost close to a Hiversaires interactivity ha

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