first day of a trip to Sweden! visited Ale's Stones, an imposing stone ship formation.

i see a megalith, i am content

@tomasteck Välkommen! Grave-fields and Rune stones are, like, 50% of the reason I agreed to move here :D

@flatmountain hi! i'm based around Skåne region, do you know any stone and folklore related places in the region? for now i have the ring fort in Trelleborg on the agenda

@tomasteck Good question. As I travel around I just keep my eyes peeled for Gravfält signs. Wherever you are I'd always do a quick map search for Gravfält / Grave Field, there's often a lot of them scattered about.

If you're interested in rune stones you can check the Runor database: keeps a nice blog also, they're based in Skåne and have quite a few sites photographed around the area. Might be worth checking there.

@tomasteck If you have any interest in medieval art I highly recommend Brönnestads Kyrka (you might want to check if the church is open though, but it has been both times I visited) which has some beautiful murals from the 1400s. There's a cool little ruin called Biblioteksruinen just up from it.

@tomasteck Oh, and if you haven't visited NIMIS I recommend that! Especially since it'll probably collapse soon.

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