rewatched Porco Rosso, enjoyed it even more than the first time - it's quite subtle movie, even by Miyazaki's standards. i feel like rewatching the rest of Ghibli catalog this year and see how my tastes/values changed over the years

All labels: Young Dream, Flomo®, KP-250 G, FL-250-71C (on the side.)

the only thing i found so far is a listing from the same series:

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Found a vintage Flomo pencil case - it seems to be licensed. Can you recognize the artist?

Looks like 'Reduce' part of the mantra is conveniently omitted the newest IKEA catalogue

working on a simple static site generator, now featuring directory and two row navigation!

only picked up python yesterday, so there's still much to improve

unexpected rabbit hole found during G-Drive cleaning:

some person's incredibly detailed dream log, along with sleep data, interpretations, commentaries, proper tagging and experiments with lucidity!

i can't recall how i got a copy, but i'm pretty sure it was publicly shared (given the prompt for comments)

made a contrast checker app for a class assignment. MIT App Inventor is accessible for sure, but coding anything in its Scratch derivative is painful

local craft beer label design or illustration from XIX century?

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