first day of a trip to Sweden! visited Ale's Stones, an imposing stone ship formation.

i see a megalith, i am content

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is getting an official English release! I didn't expect it to ever happen.

just found out there was a 2 hour Evangelion-themed audition in Polish national radio broadcast recently, dope

Philosophers hate him! Local techbro solves ethics with this one weird trick

AoC day 4 success 

today's exercise was painful to go through, but after 2 hours i got the stars :v

last year i gave up on Day 4 Part 2, pic related is how it felt to break this record

started Book of Travels, loving the roleplaying aspect! an elder in the starting town suggested i'd enjoy a pilgrimage to the temple on a nearby island so i went, stuffing my pockets with kumquats along the way.

unfortunately i haven't encountered any players so far, maybe more will arrive tomorrow when the game launches officially

picked up a great book at the fair - a comprehensive folkloric stude on Polish origins of vampiric beliefs!

i believe there's also a shorter version of this book published in English as WITH STAKE AND SPADE: Vampiric Diversity in Poland by Łukasz Kozak.

The Sea Will Claim Everything is the best game i played this year, what a journey.

i recommend checking out Jonas Kyratzes' Lands of Dream series if you like adventure games and vibrant, creative writing. you can find some for free here:

found my neighbour use Pompeiian mosaic as his 'beware of dog' sign

rewatched Porco Rosso, enjoyed it even more than the first time - it's quite subtle movie, even by Miyazaki's standards. i feel like rewatching the rest of Ghibli catalog this year and see how my tastes/values changed over the years

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