fully switched to linux a few days ago, no problems so far. while running dual boot i would always find an excuse to keep using windows - now the temptations are gone

no way! it's Yogen no Nayuta from Tatsuki Fujimoto. do the image descriptions show up on your client?

@rek just skimmed through the new edition of the journal, the illustrations and layout are great. gonna reread it this year

Can't Get You Out of My Head has a great selection of music so far

Schneider TM - The Light 3000


Watched the first two episodes of Can't Get You Out of My Head

it's surprisingly concise! Adam Curtis usually jumps all over the places and storylines in his documentaries, here the narrative and themes seem quite focused. the episodic format works very well for him

i've been slowly detaching myself from a 11 y/o account, only messenger keeps me down. Browsing and deleting stuff from the activity log was pretty fun, a trip down the nostalgic and cringey memory lane

@amatecha all the 'gamification' trend of 2010s did was to turn play into drudgery instead of turning drudgery into play.

put the worst elements of games into work -> normalize -> put them back into games, worse than ever

Hi everyone - my name is Bhavik, and I'm an artist, designer and developer.

I'm interested in the future of social software, particularly how social spaces online can be calm, intimate, decentralized and open. Some of my work can be found at my website: bhaviksingh.com

I'm excited to be here, learn from everyone, and share as well :)

@neauoire liveaboards don't fall under the definition of pleasure craft, right?

@neauoire nice article! i like reading about boats and sailing as it is a kind of Other - i've lived deep into mainland all my life. this is the first time the idea of living aboard appealed to me directly

@flip by incorporating, do you mean trying to spend more time mind-wandering etc?

@neauoire i'm cool as long as it also wipes all the cringeworthy forum posts i made as a kid and couldn't erase manually

there's a store in Warsaw reselling used office laptops, costed me around 250 dollars with SSD replacement and 8gb RAM thrown in. You might want to look for a local shop, though your country might have better online deals

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