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back then, i thought this kind of design is what internet of the future is going to be, a giant web dungeon you traverse using your imagination and sense of immersion. probably the only vision of metaverse i could agree with...

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rummaging through this cute site from webring:

my first experience with internet around 2005 involved a few fantasy-related websites with pseudo-skeuomorphic design like this one.

Imitations of real objects and locations, narrative bits scattered across the text contents, the aura of participating in light roleplay as you navigate the site, unique theme and format for different sections... love it.

made some nice progress on the static site version of my time-tracker! currently figuring out the layout and all the text info, figuring out how to do visualisations is the next step

started Book of Travels, loving the roleplaying aspect! an elder in the starting town suggested i'd enjoy a pilgrimage to the temple on a nearby island so i went, stuffing my pockets with kumquats along the way.

unfortunately i haven't encountered any players so far, maybe more will arrive tomorrow when the game launches officially

picked up a great book at the fair - a comprehensive folkloric stude on Polish origins of vampiric beliefs!

i believe there's also a shorter version of this book published in English as WITH STAKE AND SPADE: Vampiric Diversity in Poland by Łukasz Kozak.

We haven't officially announced this yet, but @rek and I have just founded the Resilience Research Society(NPO). We'll use this as a way to organize our research and findings around the topics of , , and other related topics.


what's up with the sudden surge of articles about Metaverse?

3 entry exams for uni on wednesday, it's been a while

The Sea Will Claim Everything is the best game i played this year, what a journey.

i recommend checking out Jonas Kyratzes' Lands of Dream series if you like adventure games and vibrant, creative writing. you can find some for free here:

on the upside, i get at least 2 lucid dreams a month without trying while getting more skilled in maintaining and manipulating them over the years

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Reviewing my dream journal i realized i stopped having proper nightmares - 1 or 2 horror and spooky dreams a year, too many boring 'forgotten highschool assignment' types instead.

i miss the moments when you wake up and the dread quickly transforms into excitement as you piece together the narrative and imagery

Polish university student Wojciech Kosior shares his story of how he managed to graduate without being forced to use Zoom, Skype, or other nonfree programs:

looking for a phenomenon i can't recall the name of - it was about a philosopher who received a fancy gift (a coat or a piece of furniture,) which kickstarted his compulsion to keep 'upgrading' his belongings to match the fanciness of a new item, eventually leaving him financially ruined

passing on this beautiful open call for a new art & ecology residency to the fediverse -- happening this summer in Bledow Desert, Poland

LIOS labs art & ecology residencies are programmes designed to nourish the inner and outer ecosystem. The residencies are spaces for knowledge ex-change and cultivation of regenerative body-mind practices.

This open call is especially directed to self-organized makers, artists, scientists, agents and groups of all kinds that feel the urgency of reimagining our world. We are looking for people willing to take the risk of living in the desert and working with elements as their guides in designing structures that inspire ecological living. We encourage initiatives that take in consideration local outreach, in forms of workshops and other social interventions.

The cost of 10 days residency is 185 euro. This fee includes accommodation and vegan & local food, insurance. Its a self-organized non-profit group.

birdsite rant 

so many people i follow on twitter suddenly turned into NFT peddlers and crypto shills over the last few months and it's painful to watch

found my neighbour use Pompeiian mosaic as his 'beware of dog' sign

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