Project Cambria from Ink & Switch

Really exciting stuff, it's an "isolated software layer that translates data between schemas on demand".

Seems like a useful model for building interfaces that adapt to changing protocols.

Inspired by “Edit Lenses” (Hofmann, Pierce, and Wagner)

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""Migrations between distant versions are created by composing lenses into a graph where each node is a schema, and each edge is a lens. To translate data between two schemas, Cambria sends it through the shortest available path in the lens graph."

@pvh @neauoire Oh hey! Big fan of your work 😃

I'd been following along with the Cambria weekly updates and the tech looks fantastic. I also really loved the way you folks presented it in the final article, it was really inspiring.

@tomisme ooh @natecull i still need to get back to you at more length but this looks very adjacent to the sort of "narrow conceptual neck" thing I was talking about, just at a far more concretized and specific level than what I was referring to. same overarching concept, that is

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