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I’ve only just realised that I forgot to do a proper when I first joined this instance, so here goes!
I’m Tom! I am originally from Japan, and come from a visual arts and performance background. I’m currently teaching as a high school teacher in Aotearoa, NZ.

Lately I have found a lot of inspiration from people involved in communities such as this one, and have been working on small web projects in my spare time. Thank you for having me!

Our satellite internet provider is asking us 350 dollars on top of our 1000 dollars internet plan just to renew our plan for 6 months, that's insane. Fuck ISPs, it's time we setup a HAM radio on the boat.

Kdenlive has come such a long way. After having used FCP and Resolve for years I honestly don’t think I need to use anything else for video editing anymore

theVent, personal 

I don’t know if it’s where I live, but the outright racism, patronising, entitlement and general shit treatment here is unbelievable

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theVent, personal 

I would’ve thought that post-lockdown in NZ people would generally be more understanding and nicer to each other, but jesus some people are fucking horrible

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theVent, personal 

I don’t want to work a general public facing job anymore

These politicians that pretend to be socialists and then get pictures taken on poor neighbourhoods wearing clothes that cost more than what my dad makes in several months disgust me

I was making this as a joke in GIMP this evening but have found it actually looks plausible lol

Orca will be featured in an upcoming MIT Press book.

Code as Creative Medium: A Teacher's Manual

Somebody just contributed $5 on Itch to the little shooter game project I made to help people learn Godot, Inkscape, MyPaint & LMMS! 😀

I don't wanna get all dramatic, but this might be the happiest moment of my life.

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Hey all! I know a few folks have requested alternative donation methods to Patreon, and now we have a few to choose from. Here are all of them:

I'll add these to the description and documentation shortly. Please boost if you'd prefer to donate to the other platforms instead of Patreon!

Given how difficult they are to remove and how they basically hound you for money I would class them as genuine malware

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They are probably one of the worst software companies I have ever dealt with, and I never want to do business with them again

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Adobe CC is the bane of my existence, even trying to remove it from one of my systems is a test of ones sanity

On the final stretch of developing Fortunae, the offline-first personal finance tool. I'm completely exhausted but I feel like this product is actually going somewhere.

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