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I’ve only just realised that I forgot to do a proper when I first joined this instance, so here goes!
I’m Tom! I am originally from Japan, and come from a visual arts and performance background. I’m currently teaching as a high school teacher in Aotearoa, NZ.

Lately I have found a lot of inspiration from people involved in communities such as this one, and have been working on small web projects in my spare time. Thank you for having me!

Since starting full-time work I've had considerably less time and energy to work on my own projects, but it sure is nice having some money in my pocket for a change lol

Getting back into using dat and thinking about p2p tools a lot more recently

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This Friday at 10AM, a Yellow Magic Orchestra playlist crafted by @tomupom on Neuvoids! Stay Tuned!

Merveilles, I appreciate and value all of you.
Seeing all of the wonderful projects and ideas happening everyday on this instance is truly inspiring and motivates me to work harder. It’s been easier for me to keep the faith in seeing what happens here.
Thank you everyone ^^

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We had a huge Metals release yesterday. Tons of new features added and a lot of small improvements. I'm super proud of this project and feel really privileged to be a part of it.

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This looks extremely useful and, after a few minutes of playing around, seems to work exactly as described. It captures full web pages with all their dependencies to a single HTML file.

Big thank-you to @bkhl for introducing me to it.

Managed to get toot to work on an iPhone using iSH (inside a virtualised Alpine Linux environment). It’s admittedly a bit slow but still pretty cool!

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When it's time to answer, do it with heart.

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Melon Computer is organizing an art exhibition in Minecraft!

Theme: "No Pictures In The Aquarium, Please"

Anyone is welcome to submit, it can be old work or new. Send a JPG or PNG file (must be square, 1000px × 1000px) to minecraft at melon dot computer or in a DM

Deadline: 25 january 2020

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today i reduced the size and compression for the images in my website feed to reduce footprint, now it scores 100 for desktop and 99 for mobile in pageseed insights

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"You want superheroes to protect you, and make yourselves ever more powerless in the process. While you tell yourselves you're being "looked after". That your interests are being served and your rights are being upheld. So that the system can keep stealing from you, smiling at you all the while. Go ahead, send your supers to stop me. Grab your snacks, watch your screens, and see what happens."

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"You don't talk, you watch talk shows. You don't play games, you watch game shows. Travel, relationships, risk; every meaningful experience must be packaged and delivered to you to watch at a distance so that you can remain ever-sheltered, ever-passive, ever-ravenous consumers who can't free themselves to rise from their couches, break a sweat, and participate in life. "

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I have released 1.3.0 of my project management software TAPE. It has some great new features and very proud of it

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