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Trying to build a simple time-tracker app in Rust, it’s like nothing I’ve ever done before!

Putting together a little video archive of old and rare Jung documentaries

@gueorgui I recommend Thunderbird or aerc mail, both are really full featured email clients ^^

@lrhodes @abundance I used to use Hertzner and as far as I know they use renewable energy for all of their services

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@gendor I guess it depends on your definition of modern and what your needs are, but the neovim project has come a long way so I would recommend that. Before VS Code I used to use Kate which is a pretty solid text editor too

@eel a person’s motivations/drivers behind something 100% matters. The two things can’t really be seen in isolation and cherrypicked

@eel I hadn’t really thought about how software is shaped/used this way prior to seeing the linked thread but you are absolutely right

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@narF @neauoire there are always cracks in the pavement for beautiful and/or scary things to grow in

@thelibrarian here for ya if you need someone to talk to ☺️

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I've never been so happy to be in Frankfurt Airport. The US are cool, but Europe is just kilometres ahead.

Yes, kilometres, not miles. Because we use sensible measurement units.

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