@rezmason I’d personally invest more energy into your portfolio than fucking around with Fiverr for the above reasons. Get yourselves out there ^^

@rezmason note I’m speaking about this from a (graphic) design background, so if it’s specifically web dev it might be a bit different. But I really do think there’s something to be said about skipping the middleman in this situation and going straight to your potential customers yourself

@rezmason it’s a tricky one. I found that making real human connections has been key, often doing initial small jobs pro bono and then hopefully back for something paid. Leverage people that you already know, otherwise have a portfolio you can send out to get them interested.
I hate Fiverr, Upwork and all gig based sites - it feels like a race towards the bottom on there and after the platform has taken a commission of your pay you’re basically left with fuck all

@jrc03c blazing quick on my machine and looks super clean too ^^

@peregrine good on you, as tempting as it may be if the whole thing doesn’t feel right I’ve always thought it’s a sign of potential trouble down the line

@thomasorus that sounds like a great balance! I'm working 43 hrs a week at the moment so still figuring it out

Since starting full-time work I've had considerably less time and energy to work on my own projects, but it sure is nice having some money in my pocket for a change lol

@joshavanier @alexsleepy @electret hadn't known about vim-gitgutter I'm going to give that a go! Also your wiki is looking super clean by the way ^^

@timur welcome Timur! Love the work that you and 56 do, great to have you here! ^^

Getting back into using dat and thinking about p2p tools a lot more recently

@ClearMask sorry for your loss, you have my condolences 😞

@buzzert beautiful! I’d love to pick one up to test for myself ^^

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