@grey is it maybe the SD card that you’re using? Any difference between serving via USB storage and SD?

@thomasorus hope you are safe and doing okay, feel free to dm if you need someone to vent to

@Erjaeger I am currently using Eleventy. Once things are up and running it’s actually fairly straightforward to use and very fast

It makes me sad how hierarchical we are. The linear nature with which we perceive time is a real fucker

@freedcreative spatial and product design! Will hopefully try to incorporate the use of FLOSS tools and workflows as well ^^

@whtrbt to be honest I’m most excited about actually working in a field that I’m genuinely invested/interested in. I find it to be a really rewarding occupation as well (not just a regular 9-5 which is what I’ve always wanted)

@whtrbt have been working at an optometrist the past six months but have previously taught at a university before. I’ve done training in high schools but this will be my first proper role in one!

Starting a new position as a design teacher in a few weeks time. Nervous but also very excited!

When summer comes (and it's hot) it's time to clean your fans. Or else it might catch fire while building some Rust project.

@jakechvatal maybe a cooperative structure would work here too? Spreads out the cost and means no single person or entity controls the platform

@jakechvatal of all the centralised services I think Bandcamp’s model is most transparent and robust, which at least from a user standpoint I really appreciate (buying both music and merch, and having access to download FLACs etc). For a decentralised system to work I think that there needs to be as little friction as possible, so that your average independent musician with no knowledge of tech or networks can get set up right away

Since this meme is now a thing I'll take profit of It since It features the wolrd's smallest computer! :)

It simply is incredible we can consentrate this much technology into something so small, It just shows how much we've evolved over time compared to having big devices to now smaller and more compact ones!

The computers when first created where so huge they'd take the space of the rooms while this one is dwarfed by rice, what a progression! :D

Completed the first draft of a new game, Waves, presented as an eight panel zine

I just tried to write "integrable" while distracted and birthed this abomination.

Got myself a vegetable cleaver today after months of using knives that were a bit too small for me. Looking forward to having a big cook up!!

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